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So the political does in the districts of Cassese, and all the bordering, the all on sensitizing the communities because people believe in them, our citizens, and Uganda, are they as suspicious of foreign health workers as as those in the Democratic Republic of Congo. No, no, no. We don't have we don't have that kind of thing. That's why even the vaccines people readily accepted to be vaccinated. We did not. We didn't have a challenge. Sarah Chang, append e is Uganda's state minister of health. General duties, she's been speaking to us from compa. Thanks a lot. Okay. Thank you so much to fuel tankers came under attack today in the Gulf of Oman. Both ships are severely damaged and their crews had to be rescued markets reacted immediately with global oil prices shooting up four percent secretary of state. Mike Pompeo blamed Iran. Iran is lashing out because the regime wants successful maximum pressure. Campaign lifted no economic sanctions, entitled, the Islamic Republic to attack innocent civilians, disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail. The Iranians said they had nothing to do with the explosions on the two tankers, but the implications of today's attacks are serious given the rising tensions between the US and Iran. Meanwhile, three US allies are working with Iran to find a new way to do business. The Trump administration imposed additional sanctions on the country after President Trump told out of the Iran nuclear agreement more than a year ago though. Sanctions?.

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