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Radio dot com, a service of Salem Media Group. Breaking news this hour from townhall dot com. I'm John Stop slow moving. Hurricane Sally continues to plod along in the Gulf of Mexico. But first President Trump presides over and historic day for Mideast peace were here this afternoon to change the course of history. After decades of division and conflict. We marked the dawn of a new Middle East on the South Lawn of the White House in the last half hour, the signing of agreements that will formalize Israel's warming relations with the United Arab Emirates in Bahrain. President. Trump says the agreement will enable all three parties to carry out important initiatives Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. We'll establish embassies exchange ambassadors and begin the cooperate and work together so strongly to cooperate his partners. Of course, the A broad range of sectors from tourism to trade and healthcare to security. The president says these countries are choosing friendship over conflict. Also a townhall dot com Hurricane Sally moving at a snail's pace at about two MPH and is now about 60 miles east of the mouth of the Mississippi River. Alabama of other Kay Ivey urging residents to flee the low lying areas and not risk their lives by staying behind. Forecasters say Sally should reach land You're the Alabama Mississippi State line by late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Really from putrid, dangerous Ares feeling from massive wildfires across the West won't come until later in the week or beyond, forecasters say, And the hazy and gunk filled skies might stick around even longer. People in Oregon, Washington and parts of California are struggling under acrid, yellowish green small now. The worst, most unhealthy.

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