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Real reason to kind of hang around in the sports book your is gonna have some baseball fans obviously it's not that far from philly from dc from baltimore but you're talking really the hard core sports bettors who are like i want to go to delaware on the first day to place a bet on the orioles tuesday night it's probably smart to do it that way i i don't think we would say that they any less significant because there were a line of betters there were couple of things that i was surprised that they said there's no limits here but thousand dollars more than a bed of more than two thousand dollars on any side would basically trigger a not to a risk manager at william hill all three casinos william hill or operator and then they would need to approve that i don't know i mean i get the idea of unsophisticated gamblers and it's not exactly vegas but a thousand dollars seems like that's a lot of work and i thought the number would be closer to five thousand well the protocol i know for a player's card usage is i think a grand sometimes too depending on the sporting event in vegas now that's just not for approval the bet but just to make the bet like is they're trying to track things and obviously they want everything to go electrically right in vegas in now with that timeline is i think it just depends on things but i that is interesting that they have to approve the bed it's one thing that you have to have a player's card and you can bet as up to five k.

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