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Ten W. O. R. radio stations it's forty degrees at eleven o'clock good evening I'm Liz Warner mayor bill de Blasio is preparing to deliver was likely to be his next to last state of the city address James flippant has a preview of Lazio will deliver a speech on the Upper West Side at the American museum of natural history his address comes as the city faces a number of key challenges notably a recent spike in crime and concerns over bail reform laws not to mention the on going concern over fixing the subways amid the recent resignation of subway chief anti Byford also tied at the state level politics what to do about healthcare spending as changes suggested by governor Andrew Cuomo could be New York city's forced to pony up an additional one billion dollars in Medicaid costs James open W. O. R. news president trump's impeachment trial has come to the end there were not enough votes in the Senate to convict the president and remove him from office the voting fell along party lines with one exception Republican senator Mitt Romney voted to convict the president of abuse of power ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts says the failed impeachment is a win for the president is no doubt that Donald Trump has been strengthened by the impeachment process he gets to go around the country and saying no conviction just in the same way after the mother report he could say no collusion it's also true that the economy is booming along in our ABC poll show a growing sense of confidence a growing sense of approval so the president emerges in good shape convicted Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie made off says he's dying in a new legal filing the disgraced Wall Street investor claims he's got less than eighteen months to live and is seeking an early release from prison the eighty one year old is currently serving a one hundred and fifty year prison sentence in North Carolina for operating the largest Ponzi scheme in history defrauding investors of billions of dollars made office end stage renal disease and is hoping for some compassion from the court Brian shook NBC news radio with New Hampshire state Craddick primary just days away former vice president Joe Biden says he's counting on votes in the granite state to help jump start his campaign this after this week's upset in Iowa ABC's quit Johnson is in Manchester with the latest in a disappointing fourth place out of Iowa hitting current leader Pete booted judge hard on electability for this party to nominate someone who's never held office higher than mayor of a town of a hundred thousand people in Indiana I do believe insurance but the bigger risk the former self been mayor says is to fall back on the familiar I think the key is a focus on the future and a desire to win and every time my party has won the last half century it's been with Canada focused on the future and opening the door to a new generation booted judge taking a victory lap three New Hampshire a Bronx bodegas going viral on tictoc for testing math skills of customers amid all one whose father owns the big data at the corner of southern Boulevard in Freeman street says if a customer answers about the problem correctly he gives them five seconds to grab anything in the store for free ten times ten minus fifty five no not all and says the biggest cat is not included in the price he adds the game is intended to show everyone that education is important I'm Lisa G. W. O. R. news embattled aren't B. singer R. Kelly is set to appear before a Brooklyn judge tomorrow by video conference already in federal custody in Illinois and also facing charges in Minnesota Kelly is accused of being a pedophile while who manipulated under age women into sex reports are indicating that Kelly's ex girlfriend wants one of his most vocal defenders has now agreed to work with prosecutors this report sponsored by mothers against drunk driving for victims of drunk or drugged driving your grief is unique but you're not alone you always have a place at mad call the twenty four hour victim help line at eight seven seven Matt help or visit mad.

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