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What's trending from the 77? W A. B c early news desk. I'm temperamental in time. For the second time in a week. Officials blaming a paperwork error for the mistaken release of a prisoner from the Rikers Island Jail. Attempted murder suspect in Akeem Meekins was released Monday due to what is being called a clerical error. Back on March 8th murder suspect Christopher Bugs mistakenly released doing a similar error warrants issued for both both at large. Visual in the rain in Flushing, Queens last evening in those that were there were calling for an end to attacks on Asian Americans. Leading the rally. Former Queens acting borough President Sharon Lee last night. Not your target, not your way. Tell way. Imagine our music and the visual following the killing of eight in Georgia and attacks here in New York City against Asian Americans. The NYPD says five packages containing a white powdery substance were sent to five New York City schools that between March 10th and the 18th of powder don't not dangerous. Officials think the motive was disruption and alarm. Anybody with information about those incidents is asked to contact the New York City terrorism Hotline. 888 N Y C safe Well go go plans to invest some $215 million in its New York City Hudson Square headquarters. Google, also announcing an additional 3000 jobs being created Mayor de Blasio yesterday with the announcement. 3000 more jobs coming and I expect that number is going to grow even further. So thank you to everyone a Google for continuing to believe in New York City, and we're seeing this across the whole technology community. And New York City. Mayor De Blasio's receiving is a covert 19 vaccination during his streamline a daily briefing yesterday. Okay, there it is. Official. Joining the three million now, and the mayor says he wants people to know he feels that the J and J vaccine is safe from the 77 W A. B C early news desk. I'm Deborah Valentine, the.

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