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Putting in nights and weekends at the hour at the at the office, all these extra hours near work. Oftentimes, it's unpaid usually unpaid, and it is a very common app. Democ in the video game industry is something that happens not just for weeks at a time. But actually for months at a time it could be on it off. It could be hey, we're gonna crunch three nights a week K. We're going to crunch Saturdays for like every other Saturday could be an all sorts of forms. But it is. There are few studios that are whispered about individual game industry is being the crunchy studios. Knotty dog is one of them CD project red has another run and rockstar has always been one of them not Quincy, mentally or maybe coincidentally. I don't know. Three city is known for making some of the greatest games out there. So I had for a while. Now wanted to do story about rox our and examining whether it things have changed since the days of red Jared one when a bunch of anonymous spouses of rockstar employees put together a letter and said, hey, are we don't see our, husbands or wives because they're working for twelve hours a day six days a week and just detailing all the horrible conditions there. And I had been hearing the things were still pretty bad for some people over there. But a lot of people have been telling me that like let me wait until read to ships. I'm probably gonna leave. I wanna get my bonus. I'm gonna wait until after the game comes out, then talk about it. That's that was the basic sentiment that I've been here then came two weeks ago, New York magazine published an article in which it was even last week. My God, it's time is compressed. Talked about that article last week we briefly discussed it that has happened. So says article in New York magazine of puff piece. It was this fluffy preview thing talked about making red dead to had a couple of interesting interview. Details had an interview Dan Houser who is the co founder of rockstar and the lead writer on this game one of around the he's credited as one of three writers on the. Yeah. Yeah. He seems to be the creative the lead writer. Yeah. So the two Houser others, they run the company essentially, so Dan Houser said in this article there is a little quote of him saying we were working one hundred hour weeks to finish the game that caused a blow up led to no end of controversy in part because the New York magazine article had an explained it or went into it or it or followed up on it and just like presented as detail alongside like this crypt has five hundred thousand words we worked hundred hour weeks. So yes, so that happened. Long story short lead to a whole lot of controversy rockstar and plays were given permission to speak out on social media, and basically rockstar did a lot of things that we're trying to counter act what they knew would be articles about what was happening. And so on Tuesday of this week. I had actually not expected to hear from as many people as I did. But at the end of the day, I wound up hearing from close to. Eighty current and former employees like a mix of mix of thirty-something current employees, forty something former employees, plus another twelve that rockstar provided for me in this experience in New York talk more about that in a minute..

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