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In half. It could affect one hundred eighty five thousand people with suspended licenses or unpaid traffic fines developing now, say police are answering questions about why the two sketches and the Delphi. Murder case, look, so different police say they're actually two separate people to release. This new sketch Monday, it shows a younger looking curly haired man, who police think is the actual murder suspect in the death of teenagers would be urban and Abby Williams two years ago, the sketches very different than the broad face older. Man sketched right after the girls were found trooper percent. The new sketch depicts the face of the man seen walking on the bridge and video captured on German cellphone police add that the men and the old sketch is no longer a person of interest in the nation happening today services begin for an. Firing firefighter who died at a four vehicle crash. David shore was in Indianapolis fire department fire recruit of as for the twenty six year old will be held today at traders point, Christian church from noon until eight tonight. The crash happened in Hancock county last Friday. Police say a pick up truck crossed into oncoming traffic on mount comfort road near the Indianapolis regional airport. Today is opening day for the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis, the NRA meeting expected to bring it about seventy thousand people to the city plus protesters the president and the vice president security is the top priority. Downtown news as Katie wisely as live at the convention center. Good morning, Katie. Hey, good morning. You guys. Yes. Those doors open for the NRA today in there are some security measures that you should be aware of IMP in secret service are working together to make sure that drones and anything airborne is not allowed around this area during the convention at all they're also expecting big crowds due to the fact that the president and the vice president are expected to speak on Friday now, I m PD homeland security commander, Tom shallows told news eight the department has very little to do with the security of the president and vice president aside from securing the route to the convention center from the airport one the executive branch of the government is inside the convention center. I- NPD's focus will be outside with the protestors commander, sell and says the department response will be noticeable. Definitely.

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