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Police bureau is our body dad eased army lactate by their sent her committee that he's going to be that we're actually civil this national party congress where glina have a new santer committee who will dan elect the pulley bureau made of twentyfive members and they actually make major policy decisions and evolve that police bureau you have the polevault standing committee which is really at the height of chinese political power and of course president sheeting peeing in and also as generous secretary he's actually that top person in that hiler so so let me make sure i just want to trump seeing this correctly so at the top is xi jinping the president yes below him are these five people the politburo standing committee seven seven excuse me seven people the politburo standing committee which professor zhao shed was was cut from nine to seven under kushner's paint yes so xi jinping at the top seven people the politburo standing committee below that is the other partners pulley bureau didn't paying it includes said the seven includes xi jinping god that's correct and i feel this so xi jinping is the the primary person in this sevenperson politburo standing committee and then under that the larger poet bureau and then under that the communist party congress in general so there's these multiple layers of leadership under pulley bureau you have you have does santer committee who will be so your your are going actually have a news center committee made of about three hundred seventy six people elizabeth i wonder if you could take on this question four website the one eight at org snb wrote who cares who the other players in chinese politics are jinping has purged anyone whom he considers a threat to his authority he is the only person of consequence in beijing now i take the point that he has purged a lot of his adversaries but is he the only person of consequence elizabeth.

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