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Good evening my fellow citizens tonight i wanted to speak to you nightside let's get ready three going up here on tuesday i'm may twenty second loved that song love that song okay couple of things here before we get back to our phone calls we get right back to our phone calls we have a a halftime guest colonel richard bailey colonel richard bailey i appreciate him joining us tonight as the commander of the eight hundred and fourth mill medical brigade a danvers mass at devon's massachusetts fort devons for those of us who have spent some time up there at different times during a life and colonel bailey welcome to nightside how are you dan thank you so much for having me on you called me a few weeks ago and we talked about a a program that you're very much involved in which basically is a program to make people more aware of how you stop bleeding everybody knows about cpr everybody knows about the heimlich maneuver but not many people know accurately correctly how to stop how to apply attorney that's correct in this program started in conjunction with dr david king a few weeks ago you roseanne sedonia on who one of the victims of the boston bombing rake guest dr king was actually her surgeon and i saw him on television talking about turkey control in procure school she was teaching nurses at parochial schools and this is something as brigade commander i knew that we could helped him bring the message out through popular so over the past two years we've done about fourteen hundred massachusetts residents from all walks of life police officers to school nurses etc we go out into the communities we teach start to bleed techniques and hopefully make people you know the bystanders who decide to engage by and we call them by doers more effective than what they're doing and can.

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