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Share with all your friends getting one of those friends for me. I have to say where I don't see you for a year or two years. Whatever you're it's like riding a bike just pick right back up where we left off because we were friends instagram? Before all of it we lived lived in Hollywood together. We used to go to the thrift store together about these fucking dumb guys God. I broke trying to find your way be any rejected. Can I just say one project that we did. We had to wear pink. Oh my God dog collar the things we did back in the day people are GonNa be like. Is this on porn hub this no it was a TV show a prank show. It was a prank comedy. Show that we did and it was so fun fun we have. You had those people we still keep on lifetime. The and I lose people. I know I still crazy. Like how they kind of gave us our star. They did and what we used to do. Like we used to Gig back in the day. Oh I booked a day. Hey Yeah do oh yeah no. We worked hard to try to get jobs like it was just so hard and you get like we get like. I get like one or two jobs a month just enough to pay my rent every month. That was all we made. It was like a challenge. You have so many skills design fashion. Styling Act comedy looking okay. It's funny because you've known me before all that stuff a lot of people know me just from vine I know I'm like Oh Britney or provide. Yeah exactly dead. No but it's so crazy too because I like see you go from that to going into hosting. I mean you're always a good host and always on your feet and your improv skills and then now and then going to that and now doing back to Fox and like it's so crazy to watch you just grow and the audience you've cultivated of all these people that support you in love. You very grateful and amandas guys. Amanda you have to follow on instagram. Just Amanda Salis Right And she she is so good with ponds. That's like her thing you're like the Pun. Queen consultant is serious. Like I there were times. I paid my bills just for making puns for TV. Show no pun salt upon salt. I want you to have that as a business. I thought the web domain consultant when you have a pump salt. She's amazing with if you ever need upon hit. Amanda up just incredible. Okay so tell me what so now. You're in remission. Now remember Russian at Toco for checkups. Every three months wants and then scan A few scans a year Just to make sure I still have my port and have you ever felt that you have to leave it in leave and what does that. What is it a tube here? Oh my God. I'm so scared I don't WanNa put bacteria on it. Can I just look at it. And I'm like afraid I'll touch it and then something will go inside. You'll be like did you. Bernie Ron germ went inside your no. It just feels like you have like a small marble in you it is. It's IT'S A it's a catheter. That are in a way needle to like. Put the Chemo. This saved my life. Does that go directly to your horror. It goes to a vein to a vein to tell you something there. Only a few places you can get came out the first first time they tried to put the port and they couldn't do it because my tumor was blocking where they needed to put it so they had i. I had to get it a little bit here. the one I transferred hospitals. They're like we. We don't do chemo. Here we only have two places we put Chemo. And if you don't have the port in guess we're I took my first round of chemo up your ass Lord. I feel it working. That was a Kim. No no no no no no I took it in in the. I can't think of the word right now. Because I have chemo brain Oh my God where what will party your body. It's shown remain. They did in your grinds. Okay do that all the time. The thing that is the thing you know the words like on the tip of your tongue. But you can't say. I don't even have chemo brain. I just have like problems. Like what's that word again. Oh Yes farragut. In the in the in the Roy Getting Chemo through your groin. What does it feel like when it's going through your rain? I'll never forget the very first time I got chemo. I was laying in the hospital bed and I was hanging in a bag and I could see it dripping getting really oh my my God. What's IT GONNA be like when it actually enters my body because you heard so many things about Awaited about twenty minutes and I'm not kidding. My feet were like this and all all of a sudden my fico like jiggle wiggle because your body's like intruder intruder had no control. Your buys like Oh my gosh it got easier easier. As you kept getting chemo but at first your body it goes until shouting. Yeah it's poison right it is poison it. That's why you lose your hair. It kills the good good growing cells that you have. That's why we lose our hair. It kills everything. If it's really bad I got really bad mouth. Sores lost my hair eyebrows. I lost my eyelashes. How do you if eyebrows right now? Did you just draw. They looked so real cute. They're so fake. You just drew him with a pencil. Looks like hair. Thank you and your eyelashes urges fake. I hello yeah fake eyelashes. They look like really. Yeah I take them off. I look like a frog nicer to myself but I but but like you ingest. Joe Make Fun of me I make myself. You can't be ten times harder. Yeah I hear a lot of girls say say that they look like thumbs but so I changed it and go no go frog just like is so wait so then. When does the hair start to fall out like immediately? I thought Oh man with my ethnicity like you're never come back to you. Had Okay by the way Amanda had enough hair for basically like an entire small village of ball children. Like you had so much hair you had the thickest Harry ever see it was like a horse may was literally like imagine a scrunchy. We'll be like crazy amounts of air. It was pretty crazy. So what did you do with at all I okay. I'm I think this is gonNA sound so weird. I put her in supply bags. There's about seven ziplock bags of my hair in it. They won't take it when I tried to donate because it has to be an braid of together. Oh great great you know but I met somebody who makes the wigs for repulsed drag race. who were talking? Yeah Yeah Yeah but maybe him making me a wag using your IRA career. Could you had so much so much. Yes so when it falls out doesn't like just fall out like a normal piece of hair would fall outages scalp come out so I saw so you when you brush it. It comes out when you put your finger comes out when I was in the shower it stuck all together in clumps and then you it's like clumps in your hand clumps your hand I started saying like I'm just trying to like make myself yet because no one's I just haven't myself feel better because I really thought for sure that maybe I would have a little more time with it happened. I did acute haircut like how you have a bobby right that and I want a little more time with it but it was when it starts to come out. It's coming out and it starts to hurt. Burn so you you want it actually get rid of it it all your so uncomfortable. That was harder than I thought it was gonNA does the Chemo make you feel sick. Oh yeah like what does it make you feel like it. Changes your taste buds. So your food for a few days tastes like pennies is like a more like a metal taste. No wine note. Tequila tasted like metal. The only thing I could do is like a percent go once in awhile. -cause bubbly. He makes you feel sick. nauseous Your nails turn black. That's why put no Polish downstream black males. Turn Black Wise your nails like in your hair. You know connected and anything that grows okay. Gi tract nails now off. Luckily my nails didn't fall off. Some people had their knows about mine. Just got real bredahl okay and thin and dry and song long before. Oh yes. They're growing they're growing back. Yeah and my hair slowly going back you need to take sugar bear harass. They don't sponsor me and I shouldn't even say that on here but it totally works L.. Oh my God that's the one thing I will say i. I have taken that when I wanted my hair long. I don't care about at short now short but when you take that that stuff really were I take the Nutrition sweet hair but you know it's like shredder version sponsor. Amanda Mess Sugar Bear Ever Some mm-hmm hair guys God. That's crazy so I actually really like your hair this length by the way thanks so much easier. It's so much easier and also I don't know why I was so afraid I've always how long hair sheikh is Sheikh. So we have that stigma because they think we're like Italian and like the like the long hair and it's full and your mom's like don't cut cut your hair. You grew it so long like we kind of grew up in that and I think like then one day I was just like fuck it liberating. Thanks liberty going to have like a Pixie and I never would've tried that. You're gonNA look so good with a Pixie car. I have these cute. Little Curls yes and you have a good you have a good shape head. They like like you know people are telling me that I kind of believe. Yeah saying some people have of scary head and you don't think so you're good you know what it looked like. I've never seen it but that I was like whatever it is going to be. Oh my God okay. So what's next steps now. What is your game plan for life now so my game plan for life has to also so serve as somebody who can administer awareness to people you know? Be Your own advocate when you go to the doctor. I want to still be there for people. People who need me if I could go to the hospital and sit with a family or somebody lymphoma or not anyone going through it Be Very mindful of my health but not live. Live in that paranoia right. I was I knew something was wrong. My Body but I don't Wanna be that person where every headache is something every issue something. It's hard not to be part of this though you do have a a level of PTSD. Yes of quarter went through something worse than you can ever imagine. So how do you stop yourself off. You should meditate. Everyone's answers fucking meditate celery Jews..

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