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You wanna give it what it wants to go down and fuck me. Listen all of us. It was literally put on this earth to fuck you man. They're going to take over so fast especially once they start being able to For sure that's like they'll have a sitter weakest have shortened curly's number one crop today Got to get a little serious because this one is terrible. There was a senate judiciary committee. Hearing on wednesday about the usa gymnastics sexual abuse. Committed by. dr. Larry nassar simone biles alley razman and michaela maroney were among those who testified about the lengths. Usa gymnastics and even the fbi were willing to go to cover up the sexual abuse scandal of females mostly miners. Here's a clip from kayla's testimony is graphic. You're probably aware. I was molested by the us gymnastics national team in olympic team. Dr larry nassar in actuality he turned out to be more of a pedophile than he was a doctor. What i'm trying to bring to your attention today. Is something incredibly disturbing an illegal. After telling my entire story of abuse to the fbi in the summer of two thousand fifteen not only did the fbi not report my abuse but when they eventually documented my report seventeen months later they made entirely false claims about what i said after reading the office of inspector general's org report. I was shocked and deeply disappointed at this narrative. They chose to fabricate. They chose to lie about what i said. And protect a serial child molester rather than protect not only me but countless others. Yeah whoa makes your stomach. Turn knowing what the. Us government did in that situation in total sr was accused of sexual abuse by more than three hundred. Thirty women and girls at usa gymnastics and michigan state university. The fbi has admitted they fucked it up as a report released in july where the admitted that they were basically fucking everything up and then covering up their own fuck ups to try to get away from their own fuck up. So that's what it was. I was like well. They weren't saying motivated to day recovery. Her story laziness maybe but then they kept messing up all of the interrogation and everything and then they tried to cover their tracks with other tires an olympics in three years they fucked shirley so they so they covered it up because they didn't want to look bad for non forty that the act. The truth doesn't matter like what. I think the motivation vacation. You'll never know. There's no i agree with mark. There's no justification doesn't matter what the i'm saying. It's not just you can guess. Never know the shirt off the size. But there's no justification bottom line of course not bottom line the f. b. i. Screwed these girls over and they fired one person. One person but that doesn't mean much in the face of three hundred and thirty victims and intentionally delayed investigation into a serial child molester of our finest athletes in the united states and so sadly of the us government being pretty fucking worthless these days and that's today's cup of coffee in the big time she she's well geez. Well you guys need some money some therapy after that you know. I don't know about you. Guys twenty twenty one has been a little rough on the old brain Getting back to normal back in the swing things quite frankly. It's been a mental test for all of us. Sure your friends are great to talk to. But they have their own stuff going on and aren't experts or professionals and many times won't give you the feedback. You really need. Which is why getting unbiased feedback and advice from a licensed professional can be refreshing and actually very rewarding. When you're in a at a low point you might feel alone but over. Fifty percent of americans struggle with their mental health. No matter what their facebook page looks like therapy is absolutely incredible. And personally i think everyone could benefit from therapy sessions. Talks base makes it easy to match with the licensed therapist and scheduled live sessions from all all from the comfort of your device. Right at home you can start messing near therapist. The same day you sign up doesn't matter who.

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