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Her hometown community of Barron are awaiting their chance to reconnect many were praying for her return during her disappearance like rose Snyder. Now, they just want her to heal Jamie, your home. Just think nothing but good thoughts. You had more people loving you than you could ever. Imagine a community celebration is expected sometime in the future. Jamie close case far from over barren county sheriff Chris FitzGerald tells WTMJ his detectives got their chance to interview the thirteen year old before she was reunited with her family Friday, while she went through a very traumatic time being gone for less eighty eight days, she was talking in healthy. So those are good signs for us as for the suspect. Twenty one year old Jake Paterson the investigation into why he killed Jamie's parents and kidnapped her goes on. We know how the suspect and we'll work hard to convict him. He is expected to be formally charged. In court, Monday, rusty Mellberg WTMJ news. According to police the man that acu- accused of kidnapping Jamie class apparently shaved his head to avoid leaving any evidence during the attack the left her parents dead. Twenty one year old Jake Paterson allegedly shot and killed Jamie's parents. Their bodies were found October fifteenth after a mysterious nine one one call lead deputies to their home, Barron county sheriff Christopher FitzGerald said in anticipation of the crime, the suspect cut his hair. So he wouldn't leave behind physical evidence in closets home. He says it appears Patterson went to the class home with the intent of taking Jamie. But nothing shows the suspect knew anyone at the close home or had contact with anyone in the family. An investigation continues. After a thirty one year old man is arrested for the stabbing death of a sixty two year old woman in south Milwaukee Friday morning. It's a place on the five hundred block of Clark avenue around nine thirty south Machi police chief William Jessop says there's no danger to the community as this was an isolated incident. This is really very unusual for a situation like this and south walkie tragedy. Police say the victim and suspect knew each other, but have not elaborated further in more details into New Year's day shooting that killed one and Milwaukee southside, Jose, Hernandez, Vargas is facing a first degree. Intentional homicide charge for shooting. Jose keen sense of sorrow ten times the shooting happened after an argument occurred over a parking situation in an alley on the fifteen hundred block of south tenth street sports. Traffic and weather are next WTMJ news time, seven oh two. WTMJ's mobile.

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