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Up for only $69. Michael and son. Traffic and weather on the 8s, and when it breaks, here's Steve dresner. In Virginia, we are a bit slow on the eastbound side of 66 right before you get to the spell run park by last report the crash only has a single link getting you by the weekend road work set up in Centreville westbound side of 66 before route 29 on the Prince William Parkway blocking the left lane. Not finding any delays or issues on the beltway in Virginia were in good shape on three 95 and 95. No problems to report currently along the GW Parkway. In the district traffic moving nicely on the freeway, no issues to report on D.C. two 95 where I too 95 still have a standing water ratio on the westbound side of 50 right as you get to kind of where they have avenue on the right side so keep to the left if possible in Maryland. Good ride on the beltway throughout Montgomery county and prince George's county, traffic moving nicely a 95 between the two beltways we in one broken down, southbound on the BW Parkway being reported after route 32 on the left side causing minor delays. Pretty quiet on two 70 on route 50 as, well, and currently at the Chesapeake Bay bridge, we currently have two lanes heading east bound three west Ben Visit it fits mall dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald is hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs and next to a new car, a fits way used cars the very best visit fits small dot com today. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. We've had some weather concerns this evening for sure, let's see if any of those are smoothing out. You'll see your Friends valley. Hi, Ralph, and indeed they are, and I'm happy to bring you the good news. No longer is there that flash flood warning for southeastern fairfax county. The only area right now that has the flash flood

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