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Of ourselves and i'm bothered by the lack of emerging evidence about underlying the underlying crime that there was actually collusion coordination between the trump white house and so what's happened is we've surrounded the president with this legal minefield and donald trump thing donald trump steps oliver legal minefield the blows them up six ways from sunday but it's become an investigation about itself and you know i lived through whitewater live for a lot of these and there's a lot of shady behavior that don't rise to the watergate level and i'm just afraid were being swallowed up by the politics of scandal when there's less and less evidence that they actually colluded maybe that'll come out that so far it has an bothers that's never trumper that's an never trump republican david brooks he's starting to get uncomfortable about the lack of evidence of collusion between donald trump and russia how 'bout abc's pierre thomas did you hear this pretty big story you know he's got the glasses kinda bald head on abc wide very deeply respected investigative journalist got big sources in washington your did you hear what he shed on abc's this week he says that his sources say that robert muller hasn't even decider whether to investigate president trump as part of the russia probe yet which of course completely contradicts the unnamed sources from the walk to the washington post say they're giardi investigation underway pierre thomas was george bush say well muller hasn't decided yet whether even investigate donald trump rabin play do you realize how we're being played the russian collusion story is wrap the democrats know it the washington post knows it the never trumpers no it i've said this all year they will never ever ever be able to establish how that one vote one vote was impacted by mike flynn knowing somebody in russia they will never ever be able to substantiate that this is a political distraction and and the and the which magazine to me is that everybody knows everybody knows all the players note it's gain they play meanwhile this country is still having to be run we still have to get things done president trump's agenda for which he was elected has to be implemented and and we've got to get we have we we must demand that this singular figure who is under attack from all sides.

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