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It's nice to get a something to watch watch second law expired right a little spires positive which by the way yeah more we power rank some of the greatest friends of the program of all time I mean you know you you're Platt CCP one shocks I mean your dolce dolce slides in real nicely to that whole conversation and that whole kind of totem pole you know what I mean yes he's definitely part of the V. I. long and hard in our ten year anniversary party that will have an R. fifteen year I don't know I I I take more from still little bit hung over from our tenth year anniversary is to get under one roof all these people your patties you're Casey's your plot sees your toll which is that would be a killer in a mall mingling it'll take the celebrities themselves will be seeking a pictures with them right by the way you are listening to the care of your morning show in Canberra Canberra FM San Francisco V. sports leader hiding any bag really he may have a sport to cover maybe hopefully they may hold funny jail maybe maybe and he's been outspoken on his Twitter I like it anti owner I like it greedy greedy owners is a Korean baseball song might say who by the way but yes we are and you better believe the athletic might have baseball a week from tomorrow he might not Andrew good morning how are yeah Hey bags or bags I got lost that's a good chance to tell me what about on the gas line affects us we'll be back you know you know we could because I mean I'm thrilled by the idea that we could have you know your your your your Dickerson's the army in your deck showing up at park what I would do to see the face of a Dick any on there because I got a chuckle Kapler yesterday's driving yesterday got a check a cap or a damper is so funny you know become a Kapler guy you know yeah yeah yeah but I have to say there are times to help destroy me Daddy with his I just think about how boat she talked about the game in a cab and I mean NO comparisons are unfair two different bees but I mean you know Poch Mandy socket set talking to Sam Elliott about a baseball games all right applica so tied up in a not explaining to Tolbert you know that the approaches that they're looking for usually looking for Tom yeah you know what's all the blood you asked me would explain it to you at all that was going on I didn't hear it just imagine isn't yeah pitches and choices and I'll talk about I'm a guy I love the game and I need to go to the game even though he had me tied up in a knot I was there I need both right now yeah but even that that said I have been enjoying movie choices like choices of what you what page this way server which your body you know we'll get to the point where you we need your body to tell you what to do on Tuesday with two strong anyway what something like training to become a jet I with the owner of the trust your body yeah yeah all right it goes back on the only gas line into covering the giants for the athletic and maybe he'll be at oracle park a week from tomorrow good morning injure Horia a bag of warning or Bonnie Jill he polymeric Hey man how's everybody congratulations I think about you the map right since the last three months basically account for ten years and radio time closing on twenty five now any people have asked me many many times they say how you doing it and I said well it kind of helps to be born with diarrhea of the mouth in order now I mean it's the thing that got me in trouble all from sixth grade on is what got me in trouble and now it's putting food on the kids table yeah when I worked for the high school newspaper that the Indian high school Oconee and father Peter Cronin so if you have diarrhea of the keyboard so all right profession demands a Catholic school yeah all boys Catholic really I don't know that because they're a basketball power and I thought they were a public school it was kind of pumped on but now yet another Catholic power out there yeah a little known of poll mark McGwire and he was actually a three sport star he's he he was a golf star in addition to baseball and other cold and treat on the basketball court because he was a rebounding machine and and and he played with my brother play basketball with my brother Damien so cool connection plans like I hit the golf ball holy mackerel all my gosh he would just we'll we'll link you download it I mean yeah it's it's pretty impressive from what I understand Masih Tom Tolbert a golf ball and it's it's a mighty site it's a it's in Kevin Franzen you get guys with hand elite hand eye and a leak size and it's a man who stand back and behold courses you know the joke about you and yours in you know the old joke about the gorilla who can drive it two fifty down the middle right in a little joke I don't think so it's time for a dad joke on the air yeah I think so you don't want into it going to get a guy shows up at the golf course is in Carrillo hanging out on the putting green is like what the heck is this thing doing here and the guy stand next to grow because this is my gorilla and he can beat anybody here and golf and he's really not beat me in golf because I'm a scratch golfer it is doesn't matter my girls gonna beat you Hey guys wait kidney is now but yeah thousand Bucks because he can give me a thousand Bucks but your grill let's go they put the pics on the ground I strive to drive out there it's a nice to twenty really gets up three hundred yards right down the middle the big par five six of your par five he said what had to be blind luck total looks the go to the bald guy it's a second shot the grill gets up there next at three hundred yards right down the middle right up to the Cup into the Cup for a double eagle to because all my god I surrender here's your thousand dollars I give up that's amazing is most amazing I've ever seen because that's this is a great place I was gonna ask you how's the pot he said same way drive three hundred yards right down the middle I had a few of those go on that way there you go I can get her to juggle credit little rock thank you guys got met Pauley we cope show that's a poly don't let me tell a joke with poly on the air yeah no support for none well as a larger number for the live audience so you got to give the least give me the courtesy chuckle well you know what I like to say bags are laughing I'm laughing inside exact my engines in the next parity son you online right so there you go I'm looking I'm looking at you on the inside you know what this is I guess you guys going to hear about the guy playing golf in the Hearst goes by then right you don't hear that one I mean let's do it let's do that hurts me you know that one any I think I have yeah I think I have yeah yeah because we all foursomes out a hearse drives by guy takes off his head put it over his heart I think in in the curse drives on and the guy playing golf because it meant it was really.

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