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The pelicans are most likely team to move to New Orleans pelicans, and you see all these teams come in, so it's not just the WNBA triple baseball. NFL NHL UNLV division, one athletics, like football and basketball where desert fence, while the doctor wants to get them into. To a power five conference, you have these other places these other teams they're going to be coming in. So it's really going to become the next sports, mecca and people in fans like why come here for talking mentioning the pelicans, I've been always battling with the thought of having the Sacramento Kings come to Las Vegas because one? The Sacramento Kings fans have just lost all faith in them. If you watch a game if you watch a game you see more purple seats than people sitting in the seat. So in the name of the kings, we got the ACS. We got the nights. We got the lights, the kings, just make sense, the cages Mesa. But I'm good either way with the pelicans. I mean a d did sign a three year contract. So that possibly can go over the biggest star five ten years, five to ten Joseph last week. And if it does happen. And. You know, David Griffin is now the president NYU did with Cleveland Cavaliers with bond. They Bryant like a whole new team of the tree deadline each year. What he's doing with the magic in the draft. Now the Orlando Magic, but he's magic that he had for the pelicans, and that he got them number one overall pick with and most likely it's going to be Zayn Williamson from Duke the power forward, and he six ten and he's going bring that there and that could come to Las Vegas, and they could join with raiders the raiders really investing cells, and city. They have a charity softball event at Las Vegas ballpark in a couple of weeks, a few weeks, actually Riley Smith. All the goal of nights is hosting it know and for the fans raiders like I picks are going to be there. Amman several others. I heard. Marsa Reese is going to be their foreign fullback, some others. It's going to be a really all out very interesting. Cheer event. But the raiders are just immersing themselves in the city, have you noticed I've noticed just when you go to canes, and you and you order, your chicken, they offer you that large Cup in it says it's a Cup has raider Zimba on it, and is collector's item says impatiently waiting this city is impatiently waiting for the raiders because we've been teased. It's been like what we've known now for like two years around two years. They're gonna come here and then just the presence that they've had in the city has been amazing. Just seeing that logos on people's cars different gas stations. The raider ambassador training camp that they have going around different elementary middle schools around the city and having the ambassadors run drills with the kids, and, you know, that the children are future. So getting that m that presence in impacting the schools, which impacts the parents would then impacts. Relies on a day-to-day basis. The raiders are here and then just think about Leo great. How we spoke to him. And he's doing his speed training out here. He actually lives out here and at my job. There was somebody who moved in from the raiders from the team. So. It's real to me, any think about when they come here when the stadium is built in the drafts going on, and you can literally sit in the middle of stand in the middle of the strip in look to your left in look to your right. In everybody is getting along and celebrating football, this going to be amazing. It's definitely Mason. And if I may add onto Las Vegas charity softball game between the goal nights, non-readers, news, three osy reports that. It's going to be led by rice myth of the Vegas goal nights, teammates, and pro football hall, Famer Marcus Allen, and translators will be there. You'll include.

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