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Do in the realm of agriculture food and and crops safety a completely agree with what you said about the importance of animal vaccines the shortage with a lack of animal vaccines to protect herds against some of the most serious threats on the planet i agree with what you said about the threat to agriculture which i think both animal and plant i think have been relatively neglected over the last fifteen years have we begun to do other things round biological defense on how to organize ethnic government i think you know i don't i don't have a strong sense of of how that should be organized that you think the it's complicated in that usda is responsible for the promotion of food in the business of food and it's difficult perhaps could be difficult to have all of that this protection of food and the same exact place but i have seen signs of life in the last six months around those programs that hadn't seen in the last 5 or 10 years so dr tom ingles bay johns hopkins center for health security director perhaps it's the problems becoming secretary perdue agriculture research service off obviously it would run can buy up the construction of a as the department of homeland security in fact they are responsible for a attack on in the state it's been very difficult to focus on this as some years back on the intelligence committee of which uh by distinguished ran is the chairman uh we were able to determine that what keeps you up at night that at least in the top ten was an attack on our food supply at that is not the case today talking with our rci director rao mike pompeo who happens to be from kansas on so we're trying to lease reassess that track and i think it is a very real i thank you all for your service and i'm over time of year thank you mr chairman the robbers you didn't disappoint me i knew there was going to be a question somewhere in that district centre baldwin hit thank you chairman burger and ranking member casey on this discussion today is important and timely it brought into focus the sobering fact that we've experienced at least one health emergency every year in the five years that i have been serving on this committee uh from ebola to'seek god to the hurricanes this here democrat tammy baldwin um i was serving previously.

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