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Station. AM minneapolis. The prize in court from a mass murderer Lisa Brady, Fox News. The former Uber driver charged in a killing spree in Michigan changes his plea. Fox's Jeff monosso live in our mid west bureau. Lisa just before lawyers in Kalamazoo judge plan to pick a jury for accused. Murderer an Uber driver Jason Dalton and there's a guilty plea at the twenty sixteen shootings of eight people in-between passenger pickups six victims died adult and admits to the shootings telling police a devil figure on Uber's app was controlling him. He now faces a mandatory life sentence for each of the six counts of first degree murder against him. Lisa. Jeff actor Kevin Spacey who's faced a string of sexual misconduct. Allegations appearing in court today on a Massachusetts island. Fox's grenell? Scott has this live in the courtroom, the judge detail the charge against Spacey follow this complaints charges that in the town of it on July, eighth two thousand sixteen did commit indecent assault and battery person fourteen or over the judge reference using Spacey's given surname Fowler. His defense entered a plea of not guilty to allegations of Boston TV anchor made it Spacey groped her son in a bar defense lawyers. Call the allegation questionable and moved to preserve cell phone evidence to try and prove that for now Spacey must stay away from the victim and his family another hearing set for early March. Lisa. Thanks colonel. The outgoing Tennessee governor has just granted clemency to a woman serving a life sentence for killing a man when she was sixteen. Prosecutors say robbery was the motive, but lawyers I and Toya Brown say she was a sex trafficking victims. Feared for her life. Brown says she'll do everything she can to justify the governor's faith in her. She'll be released in August and on parole for ten years. A rally on Wall Street, the Dow's up to twenty-five.

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