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But if you're like, if you're like an understanding person, you could be like, it's like how Luca module one bound doer, which still don't think is this urge. But you can see why. Because it's he does so much more than just what the stats show and Paul schools e- even Zab shabby like all the there's a ton of players, you can think of and be like, all right? They don't have the stats but God, damned they're the best player on the pitch. Exactly. Exactly. I'm Paul schools. He was he was the God damn beginning of each and every attacked Paul Scoles was able to let the fucking wingers. Let the forwards let the more attacking players run free because he could pick out a ball. He can pick out a pass across a fucking anything from fifty yards out that being said, Peter crowds goddamn living legend. The only person on only person on the list. All right. I was like, okay. I get crowds. I I'd support crowds. I fucking love crowd. All right. Also, we just have to do like a public. What does it say? I don't know what the thing is public announcement. There was a split jersey, the ugliest jersey of ever seen a Rangers Celtic jersey, but it wasn't just pl- right and a half. It was like in quarters. It's hard to explain to the top left was blue the bottom. Right. Was green. And then vice versa and someone split it for the Rangers Celtic mashes weekend, and he had like a douche tuber like douche youtuber hair to like, it was an abomination and in the picture you have a guy turning around just being like what the fuck. So again, these aren't these aren't okay. I really like if you're in the half and half scarves. I'm not like going. I would not buy one. But sure if you wanna wear that. But jerseys fuck off just please fuck goals thusly with arrive. Already as heated and hated as the fucking Celtic Rangers rivalry, so thoughts and prayers to that man's health. Because I am sure. Fans on both sides hated him. Even the can neutrals probably hated him for abomination of a jersey Anne, I'm right there with you. I never understood half jerseys and half scarves. I hardly understand scarves. That have the like mantis, none at versus Everton twenty eighteen scarves, like just get a fucking Manchester. United scarf, get or snow. Tottenham city Liverpool Chelsea scarf, get your team scarf. Don't be weird with it..

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