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Court today Parker face charges of assault and attempted kidnapping a state attorney requested should be held on an additional two hundred fifty thousand dollars bail we believe she's not only a flight respected she's likely to commit a violent offense she is allowed to remain in the community on the current conditions the judge settled on one hundred fifty thousand dollars bail the state also requested Parker's daughter not be released pending her court appearance since their arrests a dozen other mothers of come forward with stories about par for taking pictures of their babies Romero companies ten year old boy was reported missing in Belfair yesterday afternoon after a day of searching he was found safe chief Debby Ryan Sperling the Mason County sheriff's offices they acted on a tip we were at a friend's house we got a tip that he showed up at somebody's house so we went and are located confirmed it was him sterling tells us the boys seem very cold and was shivering when deputies arrived he was taken to the hospital as a precaution Boeing has ordered urgent inspections of undelivered seven thirty seven MAX jets after a new issue was on covered if you smell is Scott Hamilton was the first to report on his lead him dot net website that foreign objects have been found in the plains fuel tank either tools or ranks are what I am told have been found in the fuel tanks uses it's unclear how many planes will need to be inspected there are hundreds of seven thirty seven MAX jets that haven't been delivered as Boeing tries to get FAA certification for the plane Hamilton says bowling managers are emphasizing the importance of safety.

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