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Org I am me and mosses and today would examine number stories and issues in the news we'll begin with the latest scandal growing from a White House whistle blowers complied which trumps Attorney General and director of national intelligence with trying to suppress into a much bigger problem for trump as we learn more about the president's ganks alike extortion of Ukraine's president who was ordered to dig up dirt on Biden in the sun otherwise he would not get the military aid he needs to hold the line on the Russian occupation of Ukraine's eastern territory a leading expert on Ukraine and as aspen a senior fellow at the Atlantic council inform Swedish diplomat who served in Moscow and Kiev and his latest book is Russia's crony capitalism the path for market economy to kleptocracy joins us to discuss the question which is not being asked or answered by trump and that is why did he cut off the military aid to Ukraine in the first place we'll investigate the history of trump's lawyer Giuliani's efforts to find that on Biden's son hunter who according to a recent profile in The New Yorker has some personal problems and the chicken business career which makes him a soft target for trump not only was trump trying to dig up dirt on by the sun apparently there was an effort underway to manufacture documents in Ukraine to make it look like trump's former campaign manager Paul man a fort was not the serial crook who was convicted and is now serving jail time. and we'll speak with Tom Nichols a US war college professor and author of the death of expertise the campaign against established knowledge and why it matters who has an article at the Atlantic if this isn't impeachable nothing is we'll discuss how trump is toughing it out with this latest scandal treating it as if it is no big deal as he trashes the White House was a blow as a Protestant and the whole thing as a political hack job at the same time admitting he does not know the person but meanwhile it appears that we no longer have an accountable executive branch and that the US constitution itself is becoming meaningless by the day then finally will try to assess where this scandal is heading in terms of impeachment and what that step which speaker Pelosi is reluctant to take with me Richard Parker who teaches economics and public policy at Harvard's Kennedy School of government joins us to discuss the pros and cons of impeachment and the likelihood of who in the current crowded field of democratic presidential candidates could best challenged trump who was highly motivated to get reelected to avoid a possible jail term and joining us now is and as Asselin a professor at the center for Eurasian Russian and east European Studies at Georgetown University and a senior fellow at the Atlantic council is a member of the Russian Academy natural sciences and worked as a Swedish diplomat in Moscow and said as an echo economic advice to the governments of Russia and Ukraine any books include rushes Ukraine what went wrong and how to fix it in his latest book is Russia's crony capitalism the path from market economy to kleptocracy welcome to background briefing and as Asselin. so you walk us through what you've known about this story for some time in before it broke in the Wall Street journal and and and it's worth noting that the source of that as far as I know that the source of the wallstreet journal hand that suggested that they were in in this conversation the trump had with the. newly elected president of Ukraine then he asked him eight times to dig up dirt on Biden and the Biden son hunter but that he did not eat extorting in terms of the two hundred fifty million dollars worth of military aid that trump was holding up I'm a little bit suspicious of that since that sort of what I think was from the White House and it seems that the White House is trying to do D. link the. shake down of the landscape to dig up dirt which trump saying is okay. with the extortion angle all holding up the military aid which is clearly not okay. and I actually see a check that will was the German today and they claim that the information came from kia so that it works this tells us is that there's a landscape administration is now trying to play it down completely I've been in touch with the two year is he a gun a journalist in Kiev today and the the government doesn't want to say anything doesn't want to acknowledge anything so this is the the probably the Ukrainian administration trying to cover up because they don't want to say anything negative about calm pool Jilani because they want to get on with the lawn with Tom because back east bankers for the national interest of the old Ukraine I don't think it's lines but let me go to your original question this a phone call between the landscape and Tom took place on the twenty fifth of July on the thirteenth of July here in Washington I goals. a confidential briefing and buying a senior Republican will who was stunned and outraged by what had happened to that the difference between this believing that I got five days off. is that trump had done Iraqi say them to hold up to two hundred fifty million dollars of the military aid to to Ukraine placid Becky had send it to the land you will get a meeting with the meeting in the White House on unless you'd be did leave the duck on vitamins and apparently according to the source as in Nancy had been completely flabbergasted and said that there is nothing there's no case how can I and come up with something if it doesn't exist upon which and trumpets and apparently had on so the proximate me you had been signed it otherwise you won't get to military aid and you will get for meeting with me the comp spoke as a full page map you also and as the plans to the newly elected the president to it was just shocked invaded and new home how to to handle the issue and what he'd be the van was. a new problem these incidents that had taken place in the main where it will be to Johnny had demonte duct on them. if you don't from that it's great and thanks to a prosecutor Janet and do the same who was perceived as a delay in Korea and therefore you should be on me a line through middle still judge John they had wanted to go we made to get duct on the body dense from this completely corrupted prosecuted and presumably. some money would have changed hands in one way or the other because these are highly queuing area to add to it transaction and when did John go to exposed by the media he cancelled that is that is that the peace treaty what do the deed was met them if they're bringing it form investigative journalist and then as a liberal member of parliament said he gave me a single he accuses me you're saying who's one of the most honest it PP you finding new crank over being and if convicted criminals. and the it just John miss statements about the least ankle the main difference a landscape party take him all from the parliamentary running so he was not allowed to run for the land skiffs concrete he was credited. note that this against the group over to both labour Yanni Willis business at the center the true for now if you could find it for you crane to hand you a support in fact the Giuliani east the key to try. that. president the landscape is them. and for relations we have and of the United States I'm going to get my business name she popped off of the press and he trying to get a meeting with the did Johnny and then finally they Manson off to the trump and the land skiff the food court in my dream. and the place is empty as if I didn't have don't have clothes information about this Giuliani him in no uncertain terms it demande and to get to the doctor on call that night so this is a consistent campaign and this mon may have a phone the the military aid for Ukraine and walls the phone the first of October lost the to the thirteenth of September this year and he tried to be disposed find this article to damp the a BCS we launch I'm in the Ukraine set interest in circuit here in Washington at the end of July that the mommy had been held up by the from and his ex people stop make my Mulvaney whose once of the and they had the old the office and all the personnel and management man man it is at them on the new the new information was given and the Congress and became aware of it and then with more and more questions from both the parties in the in the the Congress and then finally eighteen days before that Miami had otherwise being canceled and that the money was dispersed because trump was put on the fact such patients so what's this subject first naked this is extortion it by yeah it trump said given that he won't. and the Ukraine news Ukraine in administration that he's fighting a war with Russia to foresee find evidence of a game the and phone grand sound bite them it was somewhat unclear to me if it was against father or son or both both of them and so there is a trace is the question is Tom pretty looking for putting. well that is the big question that hovers over the trump and we we know from the G. seven that trump absolutely ruined the dinner of all the heads of state the private data where they just have without their aides and and spouses and trump just was lobbying so hard for putting the join the G. eight that nobody could fail for concluded that he has to you know be working for Putin and but clearly a country under attack with its eastern part of the it occupied by Russian military proxies they need this aid and unfortunate I did I don't think anybody's actually asked trump this question tropical says is because of corruption but the whole point of the Lansky is that he got elected on the anti corruption ticket and he he isn't corrupt and and not to raise his cabinet and my understanding and this is that. the because they're a bunch of novices that they recording of the conversation in question here between trump insulin ski that was made available to the cabinet and it may have been passed on to even their own kids is there a possibility that we'll get this recording leaked on social media of trump shaking down as a landscape do you think the other path on the way which is the whistle blower who apparently witness what you have been talking about this extortion and complained through the proper channels through the eye sees inspector general and that's all being suppressed by the Attorney General and the director of national intelligence. yeah I know that the the time he had a speck on a hug or the band we were a small group of people who go off to the same formation and that legal system and the the and very good source this is it nobody it's complicated to bounce then they think that we all reacted well this is one of the things that the trump down it's only when this whistle blower came out that is turned on to be a factor Sirius at Mactan because trump has committed so many apparent crimes but that is for a person like me who's not a lawyer one doesn't quite understand.

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