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Yeah hey i'm tom power the new blade runner twenty forty nine is the longawaited sequel to the original critics are already praising director dini villneuve for his work calling it a sifi masterpiece he talks about the pressures of obtaining a film that means so much to so many people that coming up on cue from pri public radio international join us tonight at ten o'clock and eighty nine point three kpcc its members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman our highs tomorrow in southern california will be in the '70s one more time once the overnight low clouds and fog clear we will warm up every day this week in by the end of the week we'll be in the upper 80s and even in the '90s in some spots coming up about ten minutes more kpcc news as you're heading home until about some of the seven californians who were at last night's country music concert in las vegas witnesses to the shooting and the panic we will also talk about some of those who were killed in the gunfire we'll hear from kpcc's frank stoltz easy in las vegas talking with friends and relatives of those who died we'll have a conversation about technology to locate shooter is like the one last night and we will also hear from a hotel security expert who says things we'll have to change in his industry and i'll comes up at seven thirty when we're back with news right now let's get back to the fraying.

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