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Sure has the return of dr knox who was instrumental in creating the inventor the cone of thomas edison a earlier in ms marvel so as a cool way to bring all that back very accouting owing in june we get issue the fiftieth issue is the issue of ms marble awesome they said it would never happen i don't know how they are but they're wrong uh old man logan number thirty two written by ed react cover oh it's soak yet such a good cover yet it's man loganville leaping through a a storm of saddam hussein logan leaping reminds me of the song twelve visit christmas and hadn't picturing live logan's i can sleep in yeah and like eighty arrows shooting at his face uh and it looks awesome art by mike deodato junior college by frank martin call us lopez uh takes place uh well we start with us some kind of crazy resurrection uh that uh organ has undertaken uh then we go and were uh in tokyo where uh gordon has kind of a used this serum to make uh that members of the hand kind of unbeatable uh they've men themselves similar to the way that logan does uh he eventually comes up against uh logan himself they throwdown logan is pretty much beaten down time and time again as he realizes the powers uh that this crew now has and well the end is nuts it is nuts the end is nuts it is not so this is a particularly devastating emotional issue like if you are a longtime will reign fan this is one that you know will hit logan very hard very her it's for ruutel.

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