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Change tire rotation and more plus break services without an appointment at participating locations Rick McClure WTOP traffic let's get a look at your back to work forecasters in BC for some it or good evening Hey good evening folks alright so here's the deal tomorrow we are in for temperatures in the low fifties it is going to be a beautiful day lot more sunshine than we saw today tomorrow Tuesday a lot more clouds highs on Tuesday though will be in the low to mid sixties refreshing Tuesday morning we could see a few spotty showers Wednesday highs will be in the upper fifties with mostly sunny skies until Wednesday night an existing brings rain to the region it could be heavy at times on Thursday highs on Thursday will be in the sixties forty eight right now the district forty one of **** and forty four dollars I thank you very much it is forty six degrees outside our studios brought to my new look home design through March thirty first get interest refinancing until twenty twenty five it's a twenty these are some of the top coronavirus developments we're following for you this evening the CDC recommending the cancellation of events with fifty or more people for the next eight weeks to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus we're county's chief executive Calvin ball announcing that the mall in Columbia S. average mill and adjacent movie theaters because for at least the next seven days he also declared a state of emergency after an eighty two year old woman was confirmed to have the virus she is now in the hospital with underlying health conditions all three local jurisdictions banning mass gatherings larger than two hundred fifty Virginia has a statewide ban on all events over one hundred people in DC the restaurants are included in the ban but a bar but bar seating and service to standing guest has been suspended seating is also been limited to parties of six Maryland governor Larry Hogan ordering all Maryland casinos racetracks and betting centres closed Howard County confirming its first case of covert nineteen and region yeah says a Williamsburg man in the seventies died marking that.

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BC, CDC, Virginia discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News

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