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I don't know if you guys remember that episode boy meets world record stands next to a poster. That's just like celery. He's like having a conversation with sean about highs boring. I wanna see a shirt with just like a salt sugar and saying just like you said it was like a kristall elegant. It wasn't your flat round one. Had the little byerly end. Oh yeah it's the type that you see at a high end restaurant only like they. The ho- the hotel staff like probably keeps it around for the one time a year. The jerry jones comes to town so they can give it to them. Right vision of morton salt like deal in the works with jerry over there. The local salt company. Jerry is the only man. I know who eats amid griddle with on a plate and actual play instead of the rapper and use the salt on it. I'm like jerry's gotta jerry it again. I'm surprised that the like the the lack of care for the person on the phone. That's a really loud thing to unwrap. Maybe you have a fan in our chat. Vance says philly for never tagline of course but so okay. One thing you wish. They hadn't shown again if you're watching live. Give us that answer to buy you guys time. I'll say the thing. I didn't need it. You know what i mean like. I don't i. Didn't i didn't need jerry even reacting to it could've done without that. I would have rather series whatever he's talking right whenever he's interacting on a phone. He is always doing something like he would be stirring his drink so loudly when he would talk to us like in the mornings at times and he's always like eating something. Well yeah eggs right always. He's you could hear his fork like clanging against the against the the point it was. The man never stops eating especially when he thought. That's that is my one thing. I wish they hadn't shown have your salt shaker shirt. Vance also says this is predictable. Somebody will edit that moment to shake it like a salt shaker. Obviously make your one thing. You wish they hadn't shown the you get out we'll put it that way one thing you didn't need to hear bones talking about his bones. Okay that's a great way to put it Honestly that was funny like seeing an ad like to me that it wasn't necessary but like we always heard wherever he has coached that he is beloved by his place and it was really obvious that he has a great reporter in connection with them. It was a little you know. Pg thirteen normalizing men's healthcare here but like just like the detail in which we went into. I was like okay dance. Agrees with again You referred to it. Said his procedures So it is but it is interesting. That bones talked about that in greg on the public just just connecting dots. Doing roy. the one thing you could have lived without. I mean gosh i whenever i walked hard knocks i really do kind of take it all in and enjoy almost all of it like i can't think of a part where i was like. You know this is upsetting me now. Granted like the bones thing was educational for me again like something. I'm considering myself so. I appreciate him willing to have the conversation. Even if it was in that setting we all learn like. I love the french. Dip angle between dakyns zeke. Like the two of them individually or wobble. So that was i was entirely fine with. I guess the only thing was going back to like the beginning when we kinda dogged laid bander for forgetting on my parsons because he wanted to make every play like don't say that that it had shades and this is gonna sound harsh but it had shades of xavier woods effort comment last year. That upset a lot of people in that neighborhood like if if the xavier woods common is like the center house of the coldest sag like the big bad s house. It's like the first one when you turn it. You know what i mean like. That's where tonight's late in common is for me. So it's in that that neck of the woods That's a good one. Because you're right like we could have spared. Lighten if been there that moment. Tony the one thing you could have lived without You know. I'm not the one to tell. Hbo had to do the job. But if you're going to speak that's really the purpose of this exercise so you go from dax heartfelt his surgery his trials and tribulations throughout his life personal life in on the football field and then you cut it right to see lamb getting hit in his private area. It's i just. I didn't go with the bones bones sachin. I don't think we need the double up on that area too much in the hard knocks episodes. I could have the cd lamb part the. Yeah i mean. Cd content. To take them. I did we have the right to your point. There's a lot of great you know cd material to work with like. Why are we focusing on this one. I mean it is what it is okay. So that was the one thing that we could have lived without too low hanging fruit. I guess i agree so actually before we leave this subject team rome. I don't know if that's you know the geographical area but says elvis comments were taken out of context. He was saying stay within the scheme. Roy did mention that early. It's possible he might. He might have just been saying like. Hey dude stick to your all stick to your assignment and so we do need the full context. I don't think any of us are like completely killing late in for this but without knowing anything else it was just an interesting comment. I think when you say something like that like smart cowboys fans will be like okay. Yeah fitting the scheme. The twitter will light him on fire so by really aggressively to put a. Did you see that. Because i'm what the scheme bro. Like look what it did for y'all last year like y'all need to be acting like what i'm saying you all need to be acted like journal. Only was that can make a difference in the scheme. But i feel like i get. We're waiting on that for sure. I agree that is an interesting point. That had shades of sean lee cussing everybody out in new york on all or nothing. The that particular moment again that we're reading a little bit too into this but it was interesting moment nonetheless so okay We still have winners and losers to get to. We will end on a strong note. So the your loser from tonight's episode and loser doesn't have to mean like they suck or they're loser just like somebody who didn't have the best episode. That's really what this is about tony. We start with you man. It's tough. I mean it every i want to say the pig pile on it but every time you see benvenuti throw the football painful. It's it's in the front row or side on idi can't see over the of the offense aligns head so you know it's been a tough week for benvenuti. I think that he's definitely this definitely applicable in this in the sense. So you you win. Tony you got to go first so you You got the easy one roy. Your biggest loser from the first episode of x. About the way. Nick does say cds crotch so sturge says the linemen who didn't get cake. Isaac alarcon definitely that was such a great moment But you did like it was kind of one of those like when you when you're scrolling talk and somebody like has a sad dog it's like i don't wanna see..

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