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Is what the most trouble you've ever been in an katie gives this whole story about how she had to go to the bathroom in time square. Nineteen ninety seven new year's eve either view times square absolutely. I'm so glad that the answer is no in that it's an emphatic. No and that you would even have to ask josh. I hated asking it. But i just did it just in case you were both but yeah. I didn't that. I was going to have to hide my disdain out there in the listenership. I'm sorry if now you're feeling uncomfortable because you've gone but like why would you do that. You're you're probably uncomfortable when you were there. Why would raising cold. It's packed with people. People wear diapers because there is nowhere to go to the bathroom. I feel like that you did. It is punishment enough. We don't have to punish the further you know at this point the cold for twelve hours in the most annoying place and it is hard for me to think of a place that i would want to be less. Not even just on new year's eve but generally general correct about to go back to work in times square adjacent land. Not exactly what. I mean specifically is like times square on north korea. Just look across all of the day's in time in locations like that vortex of december thirty first thought times square in new jersey worst place in the world on the worst of the year. Yeah i have. I have worked in times square on new year's eve. Not not like in that crowd of people but like on forty fourth street and seventh avenue and you have to like show proof that you have to go to work to get through the barricades and all sorts of subway exits are closed off so that they can start the flow of traffic. The whole place becomes a nightmare two weeks in advance as they are setting these barricades and you can't even just like cross the street to get to the subway fifty on fiftieth street like blocks and blocks away anyway. Yeah this is the podcast. With three new yorkers what sell you. That's what's going on folks so katie's like they threw me into fatty wagon. I'm kind of like you got lucky kid like that's a good new year's eve you're like they're getting. Yeah they're escort. Yeah you gotta ride. Yeah good for you. That subway is going to.

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