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I uh with shopping on qvc network and i decided to buy an item and uh we started going through the artery in process and the state of new mexico tax came in and it was sixty one dollars on this item and i i i just i got so heat off i i just cancelled it i said i i don't mean i'm not gonna do this uh you you hit the nail on the head where would you know we don't need any more taxes in fact we've got more than enough and if they were directed where they ought to be and you know what it's going to be an uphill battle with this new mayor uh it's not going to get done the guy's going he's going to speak out a one side of his mouth and do something on the other and you where is the core of that problem voting voting look at the dismal uh the number of people that turn out for for for for for uh for those kind of positions it's it's pathetic and look what you get that's that's what's going on here all right thanks mike it's your turn on news radio kkob hello mike uh i just wanna know we should not raise taxes the city councillors have and what should also put this to a come to the general public the city cancers have already and that they are incapable of making good decisions for the entire since he uh for uh the city of albuquerque with their inability to get the tens angling law passed it's been put on all twice or cancel twice uh and still up in the air and how to rewrite that that everybody's out there uh that the police to uh trying to protect our community uh i also think that under city government uh are very very poor stewart's with the money they are ready to cook covering it let's i i don't know how to settle this problem catch it out i don't know i don't have the resources to talk to to try and help us come to a positive solution so let's so funny at it let's just keep some money at it uh but it's not their money mic that's the problem i have it's it's it's armani yeah it's a excuse to let that how each party that i.

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