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Job as a business. You are the brand you are one hundred percent your brand and a lot of them come to us mainly with the question of where the hell do. I even start at all. I am is all. I am as a personal trainer. No you you're an expert. Who has dedicated time money education to helping other people so you're not just a personal trainer and we have to stop saying those things about ourselves and i that was my hardest transition from newsworld was labels because i was labeled as a news anchor when you say i'm a news anchor like. Oh wow. that's so amazing. You're so smart hell no. I didn't go to college for this. I just show up at could i. It's not in my sure. I'm smart sometimes. But when it comes to that i was able to do it but you know i had to step away and say okay. Well i'm gonna work with women and fitness. Oh okay like it's not as exciting to people so we tend to think you know. The wild factor has to be there for us to be successful at. It does not in any way shape or form so a lot of it is just realizing what your brand is an actually just finding your gifts and how to speak your own voice. Because that's the other thing we always find as people who come in and say. I was told that i need to do this. This and this to be successful. And i need to sell saying this this and this why am i failing. The reason you're failing is it's not your voice and it's not the way it feels good to you so the beauty is when joel with the side of it and i've learned so much from her is just sitting there and taking a step back and really psychoanalyzing yourself of what works for you and that is the part that you know is missing in the industry of people really just jumping to bees and points like i'm going to build out a five thousand dollar website but i have no clue what i'm going to sell or what my name. I could change my name in two weeks. I haven't gotten insurance. I haven't even you know. Set myself up as an llc people miss all of these steps so we really deal with more foundation and building the fundamentals of business which again not sexy so it doesn't sell in that sense people want to get to the fun stuff and then i know that because i'm a creative so all i wanna do is design all day but i do have to some of actual work. Sometimes joe makes me the other side. I think we work well as we take. We take brands therapy. That's what we do. Yeah pretty much however. That therapy looks because it's individual to to you and what you need. It could be sipping the margarita or it could be act. That'd be crying for half an hour. Whatever works for you for us are pretty good. Pretty open.

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