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Twenty eight degrees. Wisconsin teen missing for three months. Believe it or not found alive last night. It's been a case, that's baffled. The Barron county sheriff's department since October. The parents have thirteen year old Jamie clause found shot dead in their home. Jamie. Nowhere to be found. We believe Jamie was in the home at the time of the homicides. And we believe she is still endanger. But Thursday night a break in the case Jamie was found alive in Douglas county. Wisconsin about eighty miles north of Barron county, her condition not reveal police. Only saying they do have a person in custody. They're planning to hold a news conference Friday morning. Ryan burrow, ABC news state troopers with an update on the deadly crash this week along US fifty and around bottom row. Investigators say two thousand five Pontiac g six headed west on fifty did not yield when it turned left into the path of an eastbound cement truck that truck hit the car as it went left of center into oncoming stopped. Traffic hitting a Jeep a Nissan and three motorcycles the cement truck ended up crashing into a building before it landed on top of that Nissan. The driver of that car Sixty-six-year-old Joe Craven's died from his injuries on Wednesday, the three motorcyclists and the driver of the Pontiac suffered minor injuries. No one else was hurt. There is no word yet. If any charges will be filed, Jack crumley, News Radio seven hundred wwl. Wwl's saying goodbye this weekend to one of coal rains finance. It will start Saturday morning when the procession makes its way from spring grove funeral homes at about nine thirty makes a brief stop at clover. No country club. And then another. A brief stop at Coleraine police department. Coleraine police are encouraging the public to show up anywhere along the procession route beginning at ten in the morning, and then from noon until four A public visitation for officer Dale woods at Coleraine high school, a private visitation is planned for Sunday. But then Monday at noon, a public service will be held at Xavier Cinta center. Matt REEs, NewsRadio seven hundred wwl WBZ. News.

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