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You know, so you add and at some point you you've got to make a decision on what to do about the future of your of your program considering Benford has certainly been on. We'll wait staff. That's an understatement. Win or lose the rest of the way. Do you think he has any realistic chance of remaining in that position? Because of what you just got through saying, the the choice candidates are being gobbled up. Well, I guess it's the possibility, you know, something bad, I'll tell you this, you know, in LSU's in position football. Of course, you know, two and a half years ago they had on you got the feeling during while Edwards. Interim and they were kind of on a roll you've got the feeling that Ed had a really good shot to get the job you can deal with the buzz coming from the university was and is a serious candidate it doesn't and even Joe Aleve. I think at the time during all that while it was as the interim came out publicly and said he was a candidate that he's you know, he's basically applying for the job. I you don't get that feeling in this situation at much, you know, in part of it might be because Tony was on a staff with will who might you know, be obviously a little hot water. And in might, you know, might be in more hot water later down the line. So you don't don't get that feeling that much. I don't let me end with a couple of predictions because I do agree. And I know you're doing your best. You're great reporter. But there's only so much any of us know, right? Now. But perhaps you have an opinion will Wade will will be the coach at LSU next year number one. You know, I it doesn't it. It seems like it's going to be very hard for the tea parties to to mend you know, to repair this relationship because you got to remember, you know, when will put out that statement Thursday before they asked tournament LSU, Termine Oprah. I mean, he basically chastise the university and its leaders for suspending him, and then he called the action inappropriate then LSU came back in in. Instead, we'll we'll have an admitted that he didn't do anything wrong. I is this public back and forth that to repair this relationship. I just don't see it happening. And Secondly, and perhaps more important what's your level of concern in relation to the NCWA after we'll Wade appears in court New York next month opening up a a major investigation into this program. That's another good question that I don't, you know, I don't know the answer to. But certainly, you know, the NCAA has been Baton Rouge, maybe on the ground here. They were involved. And all the devante, smart interviews. They wanted to be involved in the interviews will Wade in that's part of the reason he wouldn't talk to LSU didn't want to be in the room at the so all that kind of Kells me a lot. I need to know if a coach is is to fray to speak with the NCAA present that that's probably all I need to know about what could come out later down the line. And it's probably not good because I mean, I think it's a given that if you're a coach in good standing, and you do not cooperate with the NC double you are suddenly in very poor standing, right? If if. Yeah. Right. If you if you if you know, you're innocent didn't do anything wrong. Then usually you would you would come in and talk, you know, so in that way, I think a lot of university leaders at L. Shoe trio. You know, they one of them told me it was pretty big red flag that that will would come in and talk, and that's why I just think this entire situation is gonna be tough to a pair. Finally, you mentioned your article about Tony Benford and the in the fan reaction. What what specifically are are LSU fans bothered and concern by in relation to what you have written. Well, I just you know, it is a positive feature story on a guy that not allow a lot of people know much about you know, so I just kinda wrote about his life and his career..

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