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You listening who are thinking about making a major remodeling your house. You may consider that. This is a dream that you're not quite up for so windy, Jordan who shared this report. With me tells the story of this couple in Washington DC that went through that very thing. So I'll read this is share this with you the centerpiece of the room that disco ball. Shaped light fixture was a big sign to Nedra pickler that her kitchen was past its prime. But it hardly was the only one the floor tiles were coming up. There was a hole in the ceiling from a leak that had been repaired. The dishwasher was broken and probably worst. There were sliding glass doors to nowhere opening to a one story drop to the yard at the base of a slope site. She said similar evidence mounted about her shabby Brady bunch era bathroom off the basement family room in her northwest, Washington, DC home, it was indisputable. Time for kitchen and bathroom makeovers. You know in the nineteen seventies noted architect cloth. Khloe theol- Woodard Smith is a contemporary kitchen and adjacent pantry breakfast nook for this nineteen thirties house. That that the couple owned and added a basement area to prepare the house for the sale. The most recent homeowners and installed stainless steel appliances. Otherwise, no modernisations had been made in decades and house, especially the kitchen showed its age now since buying that house. Marcy, pickler and Nedra and nejra with her sons who are six and nine her mother. Marcy pickler had made a decision that they would go through extensive renovations. While they were living in the opted for that four month project started in June of two thousand seventeen included remodeling and expanding get this eighty four square foot kitchen and refreshing an eight by nine foot bathroom now. She I outed for this. She said that just about all of her friends said don't do it. Don't do it don't do it. But it was her remodeler who convinced her that she could make it through this David vote. He's with. Mary along with Mary Anglert of case design remodeling Bethesda said most of our clients tend to be fairly comfortable staying in their homes when he likened it to a camping trip Nedra shot back. I hate camping. But she laughed and she agreed to do it. I don't love camping. But I do love to save money. Well, votes said that he sometimes tells clients you can give it a try for the first week. See how you're managing most. He said we'll stick it out. In fact, it's common for people to live in their homes during a remodel even without a usable kitchen or bathroom. I don't know how that happens. But this is what he says so nejra pick Nedra picked her final finishes and she went to visit Stewart kitchens to get design work done. And even Stewart said head for the hills, don't stay if you're in a larger house, you shouldn't be in the property. But key this is understanding what to expect to be flexible. So if you're looking at being flexible. You're willing to look at this. As camping as an opportunity for you to spend a period of time in limited quarters and with limited benefits. You can save the money. You would have spent a stay someplace else. I would say if you're a family with five or six or seven kids like I have five kids. Okay. Some only really speaking for myself and a remodel. We did our remodel in the house that I grew up in before we moved into it because it would have been absolutely crazy at the time. We were homeschooling our children. So it was a very very trying time for us to try to do that. And also go through the remodel. So we chose not to. But in this case, they were able to cordon off a portion of the house and live in that while the remodeling was done and the contractor gave a very specific timeframe for how long have we take to accomplish everything and ultimately nejra and her sons and her mother Marcie all decided to stay with the job all the way to the end. So congratulations on that completed renovate. -ation? If you're looking now at buying real estate in Alexandria. I want to mention a property we've put on the market in Alexandria Virginia on Shetland green road to single family one story brick and block constructed rambler in excellent excellent condition. High end updates roof.

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