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On that one. No. Sorry to say something. It's just best to say, no. We graded it. In fact, we graded half a game last night. And since we didn't have practice today. We waited till today, but I had something else going and didn't great the last two minutes. So I don't know what final tolls were coach question via Twitter from Dennis. He said it was great to see Kenny Smith able to watch live as his son K J scored five points against Ilan and didn't want it to know when you talk to Kenny do you talk to him more as a former player or as a dad of a current player. I'd say some funding locker room. I went over to cage Jade said just think four minutes you scored five points. Kenny Williams has played two games. Got. We had some fun with that. Because I told everybody thinks the same thing. But no kidding. I do both. We talk about basketball. We talk about coaching. We talk about K J. We talk about North Carolina. We talk about recruiting these guy that I really enjoy it in seventeen when we wanted in Phoenix. He was at your on the court with us at the end. And I knew he'd he'd been getting after Charles quite a bit. So he thanked me so much. So I knew it was worth a lot of the stuff for him to get after Charles whom. I really really like to know KENNY'S a guy that I really enjoyed admire what he's doing. There was pretty neat. Kitty Smith, who of course, one of the best point guards Carolina's ever had has to NBA title, search so accomplished on the television world as well. But right when k j went out there and started playing defense for the first time, I just happened to see it because he's right on your bitchy pulled up a cell phone and started recording JJ playing out there for the first time in Carolina uniform and catchy Smith somebody coach who of course, red-shirted last year with your team after transferring from. Pacific. But a guy who seems like a pretty good player for their reserve the guard spot he's gotten better and berries worked at his game. And I'm really proud of the ways handling everything. Let's see how much we have two more questions here before we take another break. This one comes from Josh also via Twitter Josh wanted to know your thoughts on seventh woods early in the season and Josh's opinion. He said it felt the seventh was playing pretty well. The first two games. I agree with your mouth. Oh, seventh. In fact, he played better in the first two games, and he had been playing practice really pleased with him. But he was like everybody else. I didn't think he didn't near the water wanted to do last night. But he was in there with a lot of other guys that was a large group, but first two games. I really thought seventh was big force seventh. Currently Carolina's assist leader has twelve assists through three games. So far for the heels. We're going to take time out come back more questions for coach and you can get them in eight six six tar heel eight six six eight two seven four three three five or shoot me. Tweet at Jones angel angel to wells at the end, it's ROY Williams live from learfield. Gating.

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