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And if you're looking for a space around town, maybe you should look for some parking, dots and ten minutes seatown. Oh, katie's taken. So many so many bad jokes. And if you're into wasters, you could be gone in sixty seconds with our shooters down at seatown smokey and the bandit seemed to be here. A little smoke salmon dip with potato chips and show fish drivers who like to cut in front of you know, we didn't say that. Did we see clamps are muscles in saffron broth with Theresa only? Eight bucks tons and tons of reasons to come to our joints and hang out during this tragedy. That is the loss of the viaduct says stretch. We remember when we talked about making a golden and the puck out of that could how could that be? It would be fun. Apparently people didn't want that couldn't get the funds up for. All right, Tom. What was your taste of the week? I'm dying to know you've been teasing it all along. I always get beat up on this. I mean, I'm just. How many of you think Tom Douglas gets beat up on the show. I know. I always get beat up about my likes and dislikes. Well, I hate chilly. Chilly. I like that. Can you do that again louder? Impossible. We've talked about China. Okay. But I I grew up with this dish, my mom made for my dad was his favorite dish. It was kind of what was called Cincinnati chili noodles and was like a can of tomatoes and kind of ground beef. That wasn't even bothered to be browned. Onions set. My mom saw a small onion was good for a family of twelve. So I grew up with that kind of Chilean. So I always say there was pasta into. Yes. Spaghetti in Cincinnati. I guess they you spaghetti. Okay. So always hated chilly. Tom beans in a good reason to hate and you make some great Mexican you open the Mexican restaurant. I mean, you do know what a good chili is. Right. I do. I do. I do. Okay. So a good Chili's a good thing. Right. I just want my story. Jackie made a chilly last night with four different kinds of dried chillies and just a nice Chuck rose cooked for three or four hours. It was delicious. Had it with bacon fried corn bread. And it was lovely. Yeah. Do you not like that? How could you not like all those delicious? When you go to Costco, and you've got to Canada Chile. That's not what you get. Ok okay. There's a lot of Chile's apps feels like big St Mary's. I'm the same way. I think than just to stick to the chili. I think it's all about the cooking part of the beans and making a nice to have great chalet. That's what makes it. Yes. What was your taste of the week? Chef I had to have we have a new cake at Lula than we made created. Whatever you call that. It's an almond olive and lemon coffee cake. And it's gluten free. There's no it. It's very just nice light fluffy, delicious, wet because it's got all in it. And it's I just think it's a a nice little recipe. And it's very delicious because it has no gluten in it. So always have people looking for no bluetooth. Gluten it is just in case. Everybody's not aware if very serious issue nowadays. So anyway, just wanted to mention but the next one is five pound brisket on Saturday on Sunday. And of course, had lots of leftover between my wife, and I so after a couple of days Kathy's like, okay. So I don't want to eat that brisket like this anymore, and I go, hey, I understand and that was busy as I said, why don't you make something? So she made it curry coconut milk gr-, glazed onions, cumin Kobe into any was absolutely crunch. So she did eat it again. A we eat it we aided full full days in a row, and it was finishes. The was a to the point of this whole story is kind of like a what's left in your fridge? How to utilize the product, obviously. After two or three meters of eating December's get the same way, you've definitely done. But there is still a big piece left know. So that's another way to use it. All right, Katie. What was your tastes delete? Oh, I took a trip to Hello, Robin, the little cookie shop that could on nineteenth in the Capitol Hill region and had a meeting so meeting about other things, and then Robin the owner came out and gave me I plate of cookies, I was like no human compulsively get through this many cookies, and when city did you? I've made a pretty good dent. I will say I did a good job. But the real standout for me was just the traditional chocolate. Chip cookie. It's something that you see at almost all bakeries. But frankly, they do a really good job of it. And it was warm and delicious, and they do a good job of constantly rotating those cookies out. So I would say if you're hankering a cookie that's a that's a good place to go Wong chocolate. Chip cookie. That's a. The minute. You will meet up. That's it. By the way to have a meeting and have a Cup of coffee, and it just smells like cookies everywhere. I mean, it's a nice environment. Do you think there has to be a certain ratio of chocolate to cookie in a chocolate chip cookie? 'cause I think people crazy and that too many chocolate chips sometimes. Yeah. All these people nodding their head. Yeah. I think that there is a special ratio because you don't want. You're not eating a chocolate cookie. That's not the point. You don't want a chocolate bar. But yeah, I think there's there's chocolate sufficient ratio. What's the percentage of chocolate chips? I would say no more than twenty percent. Chocolate chips. New twenty percent. That would be my thing was little dots of chocolate in not chocolate. Dots of cookie. I would say that chocolate chip cookies are much like how people like their eggs prepared though. Everyone has a very specific way. You know, what I mean like if so like some people like crispy edges and a cheery center people like it all chew, some crispy. You like it you like don't like too much. Chocolate in my there, you go. Okay. Right. More doesn't make it better. Not all the time. All right farming. Your own cocktails is up next here. Seattle.

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