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What a larger context of what king was talking about in that speech in terms of i mean he he certainly knew his life was in danger he had been subjective i think our book we had as many as nine different plots some of which have been known to him but several which would have been very obvious to him because people for instance shot up his cottage in in georgia and you know he would have known he was a target but we also know that the he had expressed to a friend of his who became a friend of ours a gentleman by the name of reverend king for the mississippi freedom democratic party hit express to at king he knew that what was likely to happen was so much of the rumors in any wendo that hoover had in his in his files and again a lot of it may very well false or partly only partly true but king had a strong sense that it was about the come out on him and that that would have put him in a position where he would have been delegitimize within the black clergy and that he he had a sense that he would other people would have had to have taken the lead after the poor people's campaign but he certainly even in the same speech he said i let a lived a long life everyone wants to live a long life but he had come to the terms that he was either he was going to be taken out through the nastiness of j edgar hoover and people like that in terms of rumor and innuendo or i mean if he kept on going he knew just as we said earlier that a lot of what saved his life were were random events it wasn't like he was being protected by the military and secret service so he had to have known that you know things would have been inevitable in that way but i don't think he would've wanted to deliberately leave his kids fatherless all that kind of stuff bob is in las vegas on the wildcard line now hi bob good morning george thank you very much for.

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