Food And Drug Administration, CBS, President Trump discussed on WBBM Evening News


Anarchy. That's you. Look at the agitators. You look at the looters. You look at the rioters. That's not a peaceful protest President plans to visit Kenosha tomorrow over the objections of that city's mayor and the governor of Wisconsin after days of unrest following a police shooting and another shooting that killed two protesters. And wounded a third in a CBS News Exclusive. The head of the Food and Drug Administration, says the rush to get a Corona virus vaccine is not tied to politics. As explained to CBS chief medical correspondent Dr Jon Lapook, FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han and says the agency is not losing its independence when it comes to making a vaccine against Cove in 19 available, the public is concerned about the politicization of the process. President Trump tweeted about a deep state of the FDA. There are people in the medical community or being Critical of the whole process. I can tell you. Our decision in FDA will not be made on any other criteria in the science and data associated with these clinical trials. Dr Hahn says, depending on that data, it's possible a vaccine could be available by election Day under an emergency use authorization program before a phase three trial is completely finished US today. Top six million confirm covert 19 cases Country is reported a million mohr cases and about 21,000 more deaths in just the past three weeks. Dozens of Louisiana hotels are being used as evacuation shelters. Families looked rebuild. Following Hurricane Laura comes as the region battles oppressive heat money with power and access to clean water Governor John Bell Edwards is urging residents to pace themselves and to be careful with their generators. As most of the storms. Fatalities were the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure you keep it outside at least 20 ft. Away from.

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