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That's it. into the Green. Yeah. Exactly. All about the group. That's fucking. All right. That's sack squatty. What's the name of the album? Real quick back to school spell like an idiot number two. S Ko L.. Exactly. Okay. Great Segue. Objective today's episode a man of many names of Man of many. Many hot tape. His real name is Ravi Richie Right Rob. Richie. Yup any any relationship Coal Richie Doesn't matter. This motherfucker has been fucking ruining lives for at least thirty years. My background with Kid Rock. Is I grew up in a pretty rural town in Connecticut, where like? The radio is what we have the there was a way to get cool local music and I would find some stuff through lake. Chosen. Vans would put CDs in with your shoes. Yeah. But otherwise, it was like all radio play I remember kid rock like I played sports and kid rock was always played sports games I was like, yeah. This guy's cools could run around round music around this. Story. Doubling the moment that definitely many years later as an adult that definitely made me go like no I'm going to I'm going to close the book on this forever. The two didn't Rita's. Many years ago when I was like I may I grown up job I think I was like twenty three I worked at this tech company super naive. I was like, of course, they're boy girl friendships, and of course, this man who managed another department who always wants to spend time with me as well. Intentioned and just my friend. And he's married. So he safe. So. Yeah, dude was always trying to get me to hang out alone and so. You know there is a tragedy affected. Affected a coworker of ours. So we all went out like go see him and support him and as the rights were being arranged suddenly realize that my full of people which he is driving suddenly all the other people are gone it's just me and him. So we drive out you know Sierra friends, the morale is very heavy. It's a solemn role. There was pretty our friend. Nelson he says to me like. Hey, I got a in it and it's like an hour and a half from Boston where I live. I gotta go. So if you need right back, you have to come with me. So I like scramble ask around nobody else's is leaving nobody else's going away. So I got back in the car with him. And all of a sudden they noticed, we miss my exit. Don't worry this is it's not going to. Sharp left turn. And then we pull up. To. I think is the arena by Bu. And we get out of the car and he's like he's like, oh Kid Rock tickets today, and I don't WanNa waste. A I'm still reeling about like what's Hafner friend and he's like lear do you want to just come in with me and I'll drive you home after and I, was like. Oh. Okay. So. Went in and I watched kid rock for ten minutes. From seat behind the stage which makes no damn sense. Kid Rock was actually very impressive as performance. This was a very long time ago before many many other mistakes and his life is this Josie was still alive. His person. Like in his horn. Yeah. Yes. So it was like Oh, wow multi instrumentalists like this duke to do. But. Then I sort of just like slithered out like Google. Knockout of. Riina took took the t home. Duties ater I got called into HR and got to talking to you about having affairs with married men and I was like what? Kind of those the end of me listening to kid. Rock recreation. Time, you ever did quick Bunder like what we asked for you. For to prepare for this. Yeah Rock anymore. Thirty thirty seconds to a minute of each song I can't back into gun. Serena and having staged smells like hotdogs I gotta go. A That is amazing. Thank you for that story. That was obviously critical context squalene. How about you? What's your? What's your background? Because? Obviously, you know kid rock claims Detroit which we're going to talk about I are and you sir and I know that you know you're a massive icy P. Fan, which is why we had to on the show before you know. To give a fair shake to the jug lows which we are now. One of. Two of at least. So what is your experience of Cape Rock? What was your feeling of feelings about him growing up or so this is this is this is going to be like the in most ridiculous hipster esque line ever but I got into kid rock before he was cool. You were eating those grit sandwiches was. So I never I never actually listened to that record. What happened was as I was diving deeper and as I after I I got an icy pm was diving deeper and deeper into their back catalogue. He he did a guest spot on their first album because they wanted. Did they they had they had him and they had Isham on it because they were both the two biggest acts in Detroit at the time and they were like Oh we get these guys on the record it'll help us out. So didn't I didn't they pay them they paid them. Yeah. Didn't they pay Isham like four hundred and then kid rock wanted like five hundred just just because they paid yep I remember reading in the Bomb Yup. So like so that that was white man getting still come on exactly I'm on. So that was my introduction to him and I didn't really I didn't really go looking for any of his stuff or anything and then all of a sudden I hear kids at school talking about him and I'm like that's fucking weird. And then see not the board of video but the I am the Bowl God video on MTV and I'm like. Oh He's white because in the ICP song, he drops the end bomb and at that point in my life, I was positive that white rappers didn't do that I was familiar with many white rappers. This was like Eminem had just come out as well. So like I P M and.

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