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Want to support myself out of Beirut? Once I think I can get out of New Jersey. Don't be so sure others have tried and failed the entire population. Back was facing New Jersey. Paul. New jersey. I'm going back to jersey starting up a business, again, don't even tell me you met her down the shore and was planning to class field trip to a French factory said resists Menlo Park mall is marking dense. Hello. As the New Jersey. Sold out white. That's a lovely accent. You have New Jersey live from New Jersey. Good afternoon. It's too low. Admits among days we are dean. I'm jeff. Kaminsky Radio Big Bill Doyle. So I just something today that you say you're finally going to do. But maybe you never did it. Yeah. Yeah. Did you have your now? Next time. I have to go to the drugstore. Will they're always asking you. You know, we just had that commercial about four minutes ago during jenner's pillows news, and it was funny because that's exactly where I went. They were talking about.

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