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Hello. Welcome to a very exciting episode. Of alison rosen. Is your new best friend. My guest today is wwe star alexa. Bliss she is a five time women's world champion. And i think i messed that up and former women's tag team champion clearly. I don't exactly know what i'm talking about. But i know that it's very very cool and impressive and also. She hosts the podcasts alexa bliss. Hello welcome did i mess up your champion titles. Hello no actually the women's championship. That is definitely what it's called. We have a raw smackdown women's championship. But you did pretty good especially for you know being new at announcing and i will say the theme song is very catchy. Thank you thank you very much so alexa bliss that is your your ring name but what do you go by in real life lexi. It's so my name's alexis my name's alexa pretty pretty similar. There's not too far off right. Okay so should. I just call you lexi so question for you I know that when you debuted you were sort of like a tinker bell character and you had throw glitter right and then the glitter got outlawed because it got on everyone and then at some point you alexa bliss the character kind of morphed into like a master manipulator who has an a. polian complex. Who's like the he'll right and again please. Everyone recognize. I'm using wrestling terms which are a bit unfamiliar to me. But i'm trying to catch up. So what was that experience like changing your character so it was actually very nerve wracking to change my character when i first started with e. because they always tell us beer personality just turned up by thousand. So i've always been a big disney fan. Always been big tinkerbell fan. Anything that you know. Wims goal disney cartoon. That is me. And so i was like okay cool so i'm just gonna pre much be a pixie person and i came out. I blue glitter. Were tutu's i was having a blast..

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