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In the water I have promised to uphold the constitution. to do what is right as god gives me to say the right. and to do the very best that I can for American describes the first times the amendment was used. Gerald Ford and then resignation of Nixon and then the number of ports nomination Rockefeller who then was confirmed by the Congress and by these presents to France. a full free and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon. for all offenses against the United States which he Richard Nixon has committed or may have committed the twenty Fifth Amendment provides that the vice president becomes president if the president is killed or permanently incapacitated it also provides for the nomination process for vice president if that office becomes vague and it provides that the vice president can become acting president if the president will become temporarily incapacitated for unable to perform his duties the president can become president again once the situation is resolved and if the president is incapacitated and will not voluntarily give up office the vice president is in charge of having him declared unable to perform his duties and removed. the war in Vietnam. ready to go out to the. and I thought you ought to be afraid that if you got a second I've. five I would. you. I should be careful about this. the conversation between senator birch by in president Lyndon B. Johnson regarding the war in the Indiana democratic convention of nineteen sixty six audio from the LBJ library coming right out of playing we support the president on the course that we're taking it back now. are we worried jumping like men are present for the wrong women like the terminator. later that year right the freemen of home with a broad. determination to people everywhere to ward off greater. termination. about an honorable and lasting world.

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