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And rb computing and the reason nice jimmy sleepy because it's seven thirty his time taking us back to the old days. We were doing the t._s._n. Morning show at like five thirty in the morning are things thanks james. You know steve. I <hes> things are fine. Steven how are you. I'm great yup good. When i think back steve <hes> i think yesterday was something like national radio day or something because i saw a bunch of a bunch of stuff saying it's national radio day. That's why i think it was <hes>. It was just steve. I think back to those days the beyond air adviser. I don't know how i got through that steve and i thought for second yeah i do. You were late every second day again. I think we've talked about this in previous episodes but it was described to me as by our boss as a great bit always found that fascinating i went in at had called into the office on the guy. Was this thing where you're where you're sort of pretending drunk and really hung over all the time and late and stuff like that. That's a great bit. Keep doing that okay. So did you recover from yesterday. Because what you did yesterday was interesting. You decided to put it out on twitter a you're in a ah sort of an abusive situation in your brain and he decided that you'd put a photo of yourself out on twitter. Okay let me have it no holding back in a big sign reading roast me and he took a selfie and everybody pretty much went to town on you. I recovered emotionally from all that well. I'll tell you what steve okay. I've <hes> you know for years and years <hes> i i'd love i'd love canadians. I love canadian humor because it's self deprecating stuff where we just. We just kill each other. I've always always enjoyed that. I particularly enjoyed making it. My mantra steve one end up doing gigs and stuff and i don't feel bad steve about the stuff. I've said about people okay. I don't feel bad for one freaking second. Okay i challenge. I challenge anyone steve on on on my twitter <hes>. What is it yeah right right now. It's it should be lying face down down crying. His should be my twitter handle okay. It should be should be like. I don't wanna live anymore. That's what my twitter randall should be. Some people lead with their chin. That was just like that's a whole other level that you took it to where there you want to hear some of the feedback since we last spoke yeah for sure my my favorite my favorite one is sean williams pug mccollum <hes> and you've taken some pretty hard runs sean on in the past and his comment about your photo was when jungle goes camping the bears hide their food in the trees which i think you took a shot at him with the same line <hes> somewhere along the way that's true. He said that was always his favorite line. I love sean. He was always a big listener to the show and yeah he always told me that sel to their lots of references to relic from the beachcombers galloway walter walter prager <hes> lever seventeenth so this is what letting yourself go looks like the matrix with kind of a weird one <hes> i'd roast i do but i've heard that could negatively impact the unborn child in your womb yeah what the hell was. I didn't think i took a fat pitcher steve. I i got a little fat you know and maybe also shot at your manhood is well in that one yeah yeah yeah. It must be love. The love love the strategic placement of the foam blocking your chins a jungle iron your shirt and your face. I got jordan leg rights after friends matthew. Athey perry really went off the rails. Your shirt is more wrinkled than your twig and berries okay. How do they know that. I guess ho- hockey lobster was. I don't know what's seen on time with my wrinkled twig and berries. Are you really ball jim. Irs is your neck just blowing a bubble.

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