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Guns on both those issues at various times in his in the last couple of years, he said things that gave hope, but then quickly pulled back on guns, for example, after parkland sound like he might be a person reasonable toughening of of gun control, he quickly retreated retreated reach not tweeted, retrieve tweeted original tweet, so more. But certainly on immigration. You know, there was some he talked about the dreamers. But then in dish it on the wall or the stupid wall is daily own call. Yes. All right. So it looks like based on what you have said six more years of Dianne Feinstein in the Senate. Do you think there's any way that we know obviously, it's we don't know what the turnout's gonna be here. But you know, polls are saying that she is a strong lead going into this all the money in the world. He does not what do you? What do you think? I over. I do think it's game over I think the opening for for daily own really came with the cavenaugh hearings with not only the left was upset at at Feinstein. The right was upset at Feinstein. He could have jumped on that issue, although he had his own pill. These to try to Gordon, I think if you jumped on that more aggressively that might have, you know, maybe some Republicans maybe not paying attention to his platform, which is well, actually, well well to the left of Feinstein might have rebuild, but. I just don't see it. I don't see the lane victory for him at this point. Right. And one thing speaking of Republicans, you know, you saw a one of our favorite San Francisco Republicans, actually, Oakland, Republican, Sean Walsh, former advisor to former Governor Pete Wilson in the audience, and you know, what what what do Republicans do in this race? The polls say that fifty two percent of Republicans and twenty six percent of independence, many of them. Obviously probably former Republicans don't plan to even vote in this race. What did they see anything here today? Well, it the the one thing they might have seen maybe being a little afraid of Kevin daily own. Now seeing that he is fairly far left a of Dianne Feinstein. I can't imagine that he's going to get many Republican votes. She will get some because first of all lot of Republicans have voted for in the past. And one thing we know in politics is. The best predictor of how you're going to vote in the next elections. How you voted in the last election? What you vote for somebody? You're more prone to vote for them in the future. But I think Republicans are shutout and frustrated in this US Senate it's going to be interesting with what we have this year. If there's going to be a renewed push to maybe get rid of the top two because I know neither party particularly likes hate. It hate they hate the both parties hit the top two. I like the top too. I do too I do too. And and when the great independent hope in this raises insurance Commissioner candidate, Steve poisoner. He's running independent and made it into the November election, the has cracked up what Twenty-three newspaper endorsements it sits he's been very, you know, I talked to that camp on the other day. I actually talked to Laras campaign the other day, and I was like how do your how your polls look your internal polls. Like, you know, we haven't decided whether to release those yet it was like. I think that's your answer. All right. John. Thank you so much, and wait we'd have any more debates. Do we when are we gonna meet we'll meet again on election night? Correct. Well, actually, Joe, maybe the question is winner. We can have a real debate. Yeah. We we have the we haven't had. Ten AM radio of only governor debate. We had the today's incomer sation with the Senate candidates. You know, we've on rock and roll. Yeah. Well, we'll have to wait on that one till next. All right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for listening to this edition of opinion central. I'm John is the editor paycheck cheddar. Thank you to joke air police senior political writer, and I invite all of you to subscribe to opinion, central wherever you get your podcast.

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