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I thought that would be interesting and hopefully beneficial to try an answer on air. This is the ninth in this series. So you'll find links to all the resources mentioned over Durant side-hustle nation Dot Com Q.. And A. Nine in. If you like this format you'll find all the previous episodes done in this style over there as well question number one comes from GNAT who asks. I'm curious to know. How do you monetize your blog? I've tried Google ads but that is terrible because it drives traffic. Take away from my website. So great question there. You're not gonNA find display and like Google ads on side-hustle nation but the site still brings in five figures in monthly revenue and in my case the bulk of that these days is coming from affiliate marketing. Which is probably worth defining affiliate marketing meaning pointing in your audience to the products or services? You think would be most helpful or relevant to them in earning a commission for doing so but there are lots of ways to monetize a blog. I've got a video that walks you through some of the most popular ways over at blog starter course dot com for example. You can tell your own products you could sell your services you you could sell sponsored posts. You could sell membership lots of different ways to get it done in a sense. Affiliate Marketing has some of the same drawbacks. That adds ends does in that. It sends people off your site so you have to make a call as to. What's your goal? Do you want somebody to join your email list to book a call with you schedule. An appointment right do you. I want them to buy your product but still there are entire sites. Entire businesses built solely from a monetization standpoint in any way to earn that Ad Revenue Avenue. It's a very viable model. And someone were following in that space. Is John Dykstra from fat stacks blog DOT COM. He's got some great stuff. He's got an interesting resting and worthwhile email newsletter. It's one of the few that I still open almost every time and actually John Is..

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