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That shirt and carrot. Southgate kind of had a common for the haters. Joe i was saying they also supposed to pick in. Probably everybody will agree. When it was frank kitten count some raisin but no he's an exceptional player he finds space intelligently. He mimic products the bowl very well. He creates chances he can score goals. Authorities performance was excellent and this comes after mason mount scores against albania and it is kind of interesting that for some reason. I don't know what it is about mason and look i'm someone who has criticized mason mountain in the past and i don't know what it is about him. Where you kind of need some validation from like like the coaches of the ones that are providing that assessment of mason where you believe it. And i wonder if it's because it's hardworking and generally we tend to gravitate towards talent players or creative players or flair players and makes out in an attacking position has some of that. But that's not what defines him as a player and yet all these kind of testimonials that he's got now from managers that kind of came through with him. I think is the reason why it didn't feel completely real right and gareth southgate thing is a little resentful the fact that while. It's a frank lampard. oh sorry. Broadened the darby. That doesn't mean that. I can have a neutral assessment. I managed ms youth player..

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