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About 90 seconds of regular time remaining in this first half before, as you said the Board from Young Adams. Erin on the near side shout out to His mom, Carolyn's Aaron and all the Carolyn's watching out there. Flores has it in his own end gets it. Take it away by. It's a very It's long past looking for Haji Barry. RG just outside the 18 brings it in and that one cleared away. Good defending, thereby Saucedo. And I believe this will result in a throw in for the switchbacks it well, it was very close to the going out for a corner. Financial burial throws it back to Sebastian Andersson. That was not a place that Saucedo wanted to be at all back, pedaling toward his own near post but in the end, did a good job to clear that one out. Sebastian Andersson, take some contact from Malik Johnson, and that will be a switchbacks throat and then Johnson throws it at the head of Sebastian Andersson, who wanted yellow card. Last tussle between those two day and elicit a yellow card as that one tapped out of play, and now referee is just going to calm things down. Hector Hernandez going over letting Johnson no. And now The real Monarchs bench indignant about things, they don't know why. That their guy is being singled out, at least in their own opinion. Well because of that challenge he made down in the corner would be the answer as to why he's been signaled, singled out that was a bad one. I think you and I both thought that was going to be eight yellow card coming after that. So Malik Johnson. Living on borrowed time. They're picking up the For picking up the caution. Real monarchs and no rush here into the first half. And they'll push just one Ford pass out to Johnson. We're gaining only one additional minute of Tiktok shop stoppage time. Good play from Edwards at work states away Edwards and gets a pass back Really good play from Edward steps. Aside from another defender, he pushes across midfield. Here Come the switchbacks. Keep going. Michael Edwards. It's tripped up just a bent lays it off for Echeverria. Now to Beckford, Dashain back for going far post looking for Haji Berry. And that one out of play for a goal kick. How about Michael Edwards on that run, clutching in society doesn't usually run that far. At one time, being a couple players was a beautiful initial step from Michael Edwards from Centre back to win that ball and then just continued his run. Real monarchs gave him plenty of space. But he also beat a couple defenders. You can see the idea from the chain Beckford just to kind of Slice that ball up over the top for the run on the far side, but just got a little bit too much of it. This should be about half time after the goal kick here from does not Who's knob sends it in the air. And that will indeed draw the first half to a close and what it first happened. It is the switch back..

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