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Christ can you even that is no one can do that but rick flair well i mean he's already said many times that if he made thirty granted an icty would spend fifty so we know the story and we know how it's going to go but it will still be fun or or at least yeah i really healthy i mean it's just it's don't i i'm just so thank god so many years have passed that you must don't hear anybody talk about the mickey rourke movie anymore right but i'm just so sick of that analogy you would hear that i would hear that constantly of like yours look the movie the wrestler put real yeah and it's like you know they did a summit either a profile of scott hall and he's like always like mickey rourke but for real rick flair isn't dead for thirty graenitz like mickey rourke prefer rio now it's it's and it's no none of that is in near those gentlemen are living in a trailer park cutting meet at a delhi still working shows they'll work and shows india leg and they're like oh you go to those wrestling shows in like high school gyms in american legion hawes oh it's like the wrestler but for real and it's like no you don't you know now i just hate how that movie portrayed wrestling wrestlers and especially independent wrestling yeah legats so pathetic like oh it's so pathetic you got the man and how and above all else how marissa's tale may was portrayed and that will allow now matt we don't want openended out gale the higher up don't opened this backup oh she sold an ugly are you fucking kidding me.

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