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Company to RCA corporation also in sixty nine RCA and CBS would ignite a new feud. If you listen to the previous episodes, you know, that are CA and CBS fought several times in the forties. They were battling to define the standard for color television. Now in sixty nine just at the dawn of the nineteen seventies. They were competing to try and create a new technology for home video playback. This would be a device capable of playing back video. Media on demand at home sort of a precursor to the VCR, and then later still to technology like DVD players and Blu Ray players the CBS version debuted I actually debuted in sixty seven I think, and it was called the electronic video recording device or VR for short. RCA's approach was originally called the SV hollow tape later, the company would dub it these Selecta vision, which gets really confusing because RCA has used Selecta vision for a few different products over its history. But CBS's version was further along than RCA's when RCA debuted. There's in fact when RCA showed off this technology. It was not yet able to play sound it was showing video, but it was all silent. There's no soundtrack to go along with it. The process of mastering a tape for this system was actually really cool for for RCA's. It actually involved. Lasers and holograms, but RCA would experience some financial difficulties as it was trying to develop this technology further. Those those financial difficulties were largely due to RCA trying to extricate itself from the computer mainframe business. Ed gotten into in the sixties, and meanwhile, while RCA was trying to weather that storm another video technology, the VCR came out and pretty much made both the EV are from CBS and RCA's Selecta vision moot. They just couldn't compete against the VCR. And it would automatically mean that RCA would abandon its attempts to market the holiday as a consumer product. So it never really launched as an actual thing. You could go out and buy. In one thousand nine hundred seventy David Sarnoff would retire as chairman of the board. Although to be more accurate. He was really in the late stages of a long term illness. And so he was affectively removed. As chairman, I don't get the sense that he chose to step down so much as he was forced to also in nineteen seventy RCA announced a -nother plan for another acquisition. And you remember they had already talked about. There are bought the Hertz rent a car and Random House publishing. So what was it this time? Well, it hits close to home for me. Actually, they bought that industries. What was coronet industries or what is it? It's a carpeting company a flooring company. So again, this was another effort for RCA to diversify its holdings, and this acquisition would officially complete in nineteen seventy one. Now, I said it hits close to home. Whether I mean by that. The headquarters for coronet industries was or is in Dalton Georgia Dalton Georgia's in the northwest part of Georgia. If you ever drive through that part of Georgia, you will see numerous billboards for rug and carpeting wholesalers, and yeah that so I actually was surprised to hear that RCA at one point owned that company. RCA would eventually sell this off in nineteen eighty six to see I Holdings Inc. The we'll get into that. Because when I say RCA sold it off. I don't really mean RCA that's a that's a hint for things to come in nineteen seventy as well RCA would also by another company that made people scratch their heads. This would be banquet foods, the company that the time was most known for its TV dinners and frozen foods RCA would hold onto this for a decade, but sell it in nineteen eighty and due to the efforts to diversify. By and the fact that there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the types of companies that RCA was going after some people inside the company felt like RCA was losing focus. I mean, what did RCA even do anymore? It's core. Businesses used to be electronics both for consumers and for business to business as well as for government and military uses. But now now it had a rental car company at carpeting company in a frozen food company. Some people began to joke that RCA really stood for rugs. Chickens and automobiles in nineteen seventy-one David Sarnoff passes away..

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