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On this weekend this sheep chinese manufacturers can actually make something secure yes and all they wanna do is pump out the silicon and sell consumer products they don't want the downstream responsibility that comes from the fact that they're actually shipping internet connected computers too so i don't know all the details but it's fear cheap enough that the you know somebody makes it cheap camera would still use it that is the question whether they whether the manufacturer decides that it is like so inexpensive that it's better for right reputation dance a little icon they can put on the box or something yeah and so the the licensing of the chip it's open license chip it's open architecture it's open source for the lenox the one thing that isn't is you do have to tie back to mike the microsoft as your cloud to get the the monitoring and maintenance so we just don't know yet what the pricing is going to be but fingers crossed speaking of finger is being crossed today's like can't believe this well yes i can specter next gen what yes more s eight new problems intel scrambling once again one of them is way worse than specter ever was so i i'm i wish i were more surprised but it really it really was the case that for decades we were blissfully willingly not looking at the fact that an architecture that we were sharing was not secure in a shared environment and as we've said you know anytime anytime there is the residual effects of running code on a processor that then switches to a different environment it's possible to very cleverly i mean these are not easy things to do but you can figure out how the processor was changed by what it was just previously doing and that leaks information.

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