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Mm solid action of power so he managed to get rid of an awful lot of enemies in the kotra changed our house change in recent years up to a point yes i mean i think the culture change of conspicuous high living uh at all levels it that is now too dangerous in china uh but the problem with with china is that if you if the communist party retains control of all the levers of power there will be corruption it doesn't have independent courts it doesn't have independent police it doesn't have an independent press inner so of course there will be corruption within the party just be it's a matter of who's inwho's out really yates a bit like the mafia when someone goes down uh when a mafia members down you don't ask it a was he a criminal you ask how did he lose his protection and the chinese anti corruption campaign is a bit like that because corruption was so pervasive that the question you ask is what faction was he in in a whose enemy was he how did he loses protection and what's the political meaning of that particular corruption charge we're going to change locations naveh gun to israel now were as one israeli diplomat quipped a visit from us vice president mike pence was supposed to be a sign feld visit the is a visit about nothing in fact it may it gave many hints as to how the trump administration views israel and its geopolitical standing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu referred to the vice president mike and there are plenty of friendly back slaps on display for the press and then when it came to review the vice president's speech one columnist writing for herat screwed it an unabashedly zionist sermon daniela how big is this connection his love affair between d in jerusalem these days well festival an and i wouldn't i really estates i wouldn't at the state is the the past relations relationship between.

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