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Our data Warg. Let's welcome our Lutheran our speaker, Dr Michael Ziegler. Thank you, Mark. I'm visiting with Dr Deo Mayer. Welcome back to the program, Dale. Thank you. Michael's an honor to be with you again. And we are blessed it toe have you speaking for us today? Your message inspired by the life of Jesus recorded in Mark, Chapter three. Make sure that you you were the one who preached on this part of the gospel of Mark. You know, we hear Jesus say this thing about the unforgivable sin the sin against the Holy Spirit. And we hear Jesus say this that someone could commit an unforgivable sin and never have forgiveness. So What? What do we need to say about that? Well, there's a reason why I didn't Well on this. If a sermon. Yeah, this is a difficult passage. I'll tell you what a pastor told me long ago and I've heard it many times since If you are worried that you have or are committing the unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit. Then you are not Farris ease. Describes said that that holy spirit that was in Jesus was in league with the devil. It's in their context that, he said. There is an unforgivable sin. He was aiming it at those whose hearts were not only hard but believe that he Jesus was in league with the devil. And that would mean that is the son of God. God himself would be in league with the forces of evil. That, he says, is the unforgivable sin. But I would round this out by saying If you're concerned that you have committed that Don't worry. You're not just keep bringing the word of Jesus into your heart that liberates you from the Dominion of Satan and evil forces. Let's talk more about the gospel and it's setting in the Bible. You think about with most books you maybe you read them or hear them one time and then you never pick him up again. Someone mentions the book later you'd say. Oh, yeah, I read that book was a good book. But God's people have a long history of doing something different. With the Bible in general. And with the Gospel of Mark Specifically, we come to these narratives, these accounts again and again over. Ah, lifetime. So what has that been like for you, Dale personally. Coming back to the Bible to Mark's biography, specifically, again and again over a lifetime. There have been any number of times when I was a pastor prepared a sermon. Get into the pulpit, and I read the sermon text. Okay. The word of God for today is not to And as I'm reading that something jumps out at me that I had noticed in all my hours of preparation. And I just let it be. It will deal with this The next time I preach on this text, okay? That's one of the things about about the word of God. You can find it in some other literature, especially in poetry. But in the word of God, we have inexhaustible source of thought. As we get older in life, we also experience the word of God from a different vantage point. What have you gotten to know? More deeply about your Lord? Jesus by repeatedly coming back to Mark's story like this, not just in bits that we here in a formal worship service, but hearing it from start to finish again and again and again. How is that help you No, Jesus better. There are two things that come to the top of my mind. In response to your question. Won his patients the patients of Jesus. These disciples don't get it. Over and over again. Jesus does something spectacular. And the fact is they don't get it until after the resurrection. The Gospel of Mark does not tell us that But the acts of the apostles and the subsequent history of the church after the resurrection Shows us that they finally got it. Dr. Luther says that we haven't preached the gospel unless we have also preached the resurrection. So that's one thing the patients of God and that's so much with them. But with me I am slow to get it. Just a slow is those first disciples were And yet he is long suffering patient with me and slowly trying to bring me More and more to him and eventually to my eternal home. The second thing that strikes me off the top of my head about Learning Mark. Will seem to be a contradiction to what I just said. And that is the anger of Jesus. You know that That was new for me. Jesus has emotions. They are sanctified emotions. They do not sin. Many a time our emotion. Leads us to do something sinful no more often than not, but Jesus has anger but this coupled with grief That people oppose the good and gracious will of God. That tells me a number of things, but one is That I have to live my life in fear of God. Not in Cowardly fear that in survival fear like a slave would have before a mean master. But I have to know my sin and I have to know that I continue to send rooms, three says, you know, all of sinned and fall short still fall short of the glory of God. Have to live my life in all. Reverence and thorough going humility. That Jesus saves me. Next week. We're gonna get to the parables and Chapter four. And you've also learned these by heart and presented them many times. What? What could we do to prepare our hearts to receive what Jesus has to say in these parables? Jesus was great about using pictures Great about illustrations and we call some of them Terribles. But in preparation for next Sunday's broadcast, I would say, you know, think about how visual life is and realize that Jesus does not come to us. In theological tomes and in proposition all statements and again, there's a place for all of that. But he comes to us common people in pictures. Of his love of his kingdom of his reign and rule in our lives, and we can lean back and enjoy those pictures, but also think about them, mold them over and see how the picture describes who we are. And the goodness of God to us in Jesus. Thank you for joining us,.

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