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Before that Iraq up to buy I would let the on on the guest vocals to songs re reva are a V. eight from Brazilian explosion J. so German soldiers here alone man kann flew by we went all over musically during the show but time flies when you are celebrating free range liberated video like this and justice going on vibes and feeling you know what I mean so we'll be right back with the a cappella for the week and then mark just under twenty minutes to go to stay close KCRW. all out I'm just a money on a host of KCRW's great forty after I've been narrowing down the best or P. as in the south and the final face off as a PS stuff for the whole family. Vera street for great food me televised music kids activities and more with the goal of the of the quarter for flowers only one way to find out. be there this Sunday ours fifty for free at KCRW dot com slash the. I'm sherry Glaser on the next morning edition you'll get an update on hurricane Dorian Nesset batters communities along the east coast from Florida to the Carolinas plus Joe Biden says he was against the invasion of Iraq from the beginning but some critics say he's trying to rewrite history. and Sascha Baron Cohen talks about his latest project a new series for Netflix but this time it's not a comedy that's on the next morning edition we do mornings on case yard. so as I mentioned I every single week we uphold the tradition of starting off the last twenty minutes segment of every show every Wednesday evening I am with you here on KCRW and for on twelve and a half years we've kept this tradition that we do in all acapella piece to start this last segment so well this is the one for the week by a group called the soul stirrers with the young man and the lead vocals named Sam Cooke Jesus gave me water the acapella for the week on KCRW. for old you. game or water. G. moving along. Jesus gave me wall. it is this way. G. gamer wall. he. along. Jesus gave me wall. from. came to the well to get some more. she met a stranger. job. again was made. he. and. Jesus gave a long. long he gave that a long long long. he did it. and back to. and it is. she came back to M. rating in June. do you. yeah. John and there was no. does she have. thank. not. a little longer..

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